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Dec 8, 2000 09:35 PM


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We visted N.O. last weekend and in addition to visiting a number of the places commonly mentioned here, we also had dinner at the Upperline. It was a special treat. Great service, great food, and a friendly owner and staff. It will definitely be on my list for our next trip.

I know everyone seems to think the Acme is the place for oysters, but I must say the tiny oyster bar at Pascal Manale had better oysters. You pay the bartender and get a colored poker chip whiich you give to the guy behind the oyster bar. If you are up that way, stop in.

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  1. Yes, the oyster bar at Pascal's is great, and if you venture into the restaurant, they are the ones (I believe) that invented N.O. BBQ shrimp. It's excellent (although I do love the version at Mr. B's too!). However, the other food there is mediocre at best.

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      Brad has hit it on the nose. Pascal's Manale is a SUPERB oyster bar/watering hole. And the dining room is neither objectionable nor notable.