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Dec 8, 2000 07:28 PM

Is Emeril's good?

  • j

Put another way, should my wife and I visit Emeril's on our trip to New Orleans in January?

Before posting this message, I searched the posts across the entire Chowhound site, and read most every reference to Emeril himself and the restaurant -- it sure seems like opinions are split.

I have never been a huge fan of the guy's show, but I had a fantastic appetizer plate at his Las Vegas restaurant and I have heard great things about him from people/critics I really trust over the years. It seems like a visit to Emeril's could be a fun counterpoint to Galatoire's & Arnaud's (etc.)

So, is it worth it?

p.s. Considering that most of the famous New Orleans restaurants pride themselves on using line chefs to replicate hundred-year-old recipes, the knock against Emeril's solely on the fact that he isn't there enough does seem a bit specious.

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  1. We have had lunch at Emeril's three times. All were fantastic.

    Best part is watching them seat the slobs as far from the windows as possible.

    J/K, the food is the best part, but the floor show is great too.