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Dec 5, 2000 09:47 AM

Rumcoconuts, we await your report!

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I'm leaving Friday morning - hoping to get some last-minute tips from your trip!

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  1. Sorry! Had to clean off my desk at work first! Okay, here goes:

    Arrive at International House Hotel Wed. evening. GREAT hotel - I can't rave enough about it. Dinner at Lemon Grass in hotel - great food and service, but too expensive. Tasting dinner for 2, 2 glasses of wine, 2 glasses of champagne (hey, it was my birthday!), 2 cappucino's was $250 with tip - OUCH!

    Thursday: Breakfast at Mother's - we got there late, around 10am, only a few people in line. Debris on grits, Mae's omelette - very good. The person in front of me ordered scrambled eggs, ham, grits, biscuits - simple breakfast but it looked awesome!

    After shopping, cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe du Monde - a must do.

    Late afternoon oysters and beer at Acme; didn't order po-boys because we didn't want to ruin dinner later at Nola.

    Dinner at Nola: Go hungry, the portions are large. They make a mean dirty martini! The duck pizza appetizer was outstanding, but split it with someone or you'll be too full for dinner. Stuffed chicken wings were interesting. For dinner we ordered sauteed salmon (served with grits, again!), and the duck. Both were very good, but we ate too much and were too full for dessert. Which was a sin, because their banana cream cake is to die for!

    Friday: We skip breakfast, still full! After a tour of the Garden District (which we highly recommend), lunch at Commander's. I've been here for their Jazz Brunch before, so I wasn't sure if the lunch experience would be as fun. It was! This is truly a "must-do", the prices for lunch or brunch are very reasonable, and the food and service is first class. The three-course lunch was $20 per person, you can't beat that. The bread pudding souffle is divine, and the chocolate whatever-it's-called is absolutely decadent! And they make the best bloody Mary's! Chef Jamie Shannon was in the kitchen, (we saw him when we walked through to get to the bar) and he signed his new cookbook called Commander's Kitchen for us. A real treat.

    Friday night, after a couple of Hurricane's at Pat O's, we went to Preservation Hall to listen to some great jazz. It's another "must-do", but gets uncomfortable after about 30-45 minutes or so. Worth the $5 admission, for sure. Late night oysters and po-boy's at Felixes, across from Acme, which was closed. The food was actually very good, fresh, ice-cold oysters. The oyster bar was elbow to elbow at midnight.

    We wanted to stop by Central or Progress Grocery for a muffaletta to go, but were running late on our way to the airport. So it will have to be next time...and you know there will definitely be a "next time"!

    Thanks to all for your suggestions, can't wait to get back to try the rest.

    P.S. I gained 3 pounds, not too bad considering!

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      Sounds like it was a great trip. Happy birthday!

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        Rumcoconuts: great report!

        Just one quibble: HOW COULD YOU SKIP BREAKFAST?

        J/K :>)

        We will be going down to NO for a gathering of dog fanciers in May and I hope to try some places for the first time (preeminent among them being Rocky & Carlo's) as well as return to some old faves (Upperline for one) and I promise to post a detailed report