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Dec 4, 2000 04:21 PM

Romantic Dinner

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My wife and I will be returning to NO in a few weeks for our first anniversary. We were in town in January 1999 when I popped the question and had especially good meals at Nola and Galatoire's. We returned in December 1999, and were very disappointed with dinner at Nola (and the service was awful), but had great meals at Bayona and Commander's Palace. This trip we're set for Sunday brunch at Commander's Palace, and po-boys and oysters at Acme (for as many "snacks" as we can stand). We want to go back to Bayona, which means we'll have one evening left (a Sunday, assuming we can do Bayona on Saturday).

Any suggestions for an extra special romantic dinner? I don't think we want the additional trouble of having to arrange transportation to Mosca. Bella Luna?

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  1. hey, try crepe nanou on robert st., uptown. they don't take reservations, so there may be a bit of a wait, but its a quite authentic french bistro -- the last time i went they had an accordionist! they've been in this location for years, gradually upgrading the facility and adding touches that give it a very elegant yet cozy feel. as for the food, it is excellent. i especially recommend the mussels ... they are served in a tasty white wine and garlic sauce, with a side of pomme frites. the crepes are always dependable, but if you are very hungry, check out the specials. there's always something interesting ...
    i can recommend dante's kitchen, also uptown (right across from brigtsen's, one of the great restaurants of new orleans, but it gets busy so hard to think of it as romantic). one of the chefs from commander's has moved in there and has done a great job, but the word hasn't really gotten out yet. the other night i had an oyster and potato soup to die for. their offerings are eclectic, ranging from a vegetarian hash (the presentation makes it look much more appetizing than it sounds) to falafel-encrusted catfish to a nicely done filet with german potatos.
    i'm pretty sure your concierge can get you to these guys, or just look 'em up in the phone book. dante is online i believe at

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      Le Crepe Nanou is a good suggestion . . . but word of warning, those mussels are REALLY garlic-y. This could cast a pall on later romantic moments unless you both eat them and you don't mind the smell of garlic on your partner's breath!

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        oh man, i forgot to mention that garlic ... in fact, i went to the gym the next day to work off the french fries and i was positively offensive. it just goes to show, you can't always mix new orleans food and a healthy lifestyle

    2. Gamay is romantic/cozy with great food/service -its in the Quarter. The chef's (Greg Sonnier) original restaurant, Gabrielle - on Esplanade is also suposedly similar.
      The new "hot" restaurant in town is Cuvee. In the CBD, it looks beautiful (wood paneled, etc.), has a great wine list (hence the name), and the food (French-ish) is suposedly great.
      Also, if you like Bayona, the chef, Susan Spicer just opened a new restaurant, called Herbsaint. I don't know anything about the romantic factor here.

      Oh, yeah, there is always Peristyle - which just reopened after their fire. In the Quarter, romantic, beautiful renovation with wonderful food - but a tough reservation to get...

      Decisions, decisions - that's what I love about N.O.!

      1. Go to Peristyle. The only drawback can be the acoustics. My wife and I ate there back in October and loved it. Our trip report is posted above. It's very long and Peristyle is towards the end.

        Take care,