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Nov 21, 2000 08:35 PM

baton rouge

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I just moved to Baton Rouge. While going to New Orleans to visit friends provides plenty of food opportunities, figuring out what's good in Baton Rouge is tough -- so far it seems the city is dominated by chain-type places. And driving around aimlessly has not been so successful. Suggestions?

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  1. Excellent question. You know, it just hit me that I've NEVER heard a single mention of eating in Baton Rouge anywhere. One would assume that there's at least SOME great chow there. And if there is, someone out there will tell us about it.

    Meanwhile, the article linked below mentions at least one place that might not be too far from Baton Rouge. Take a look.



    1. The locals winced when I bragged on having a great meal at Mulate's, but I thought the crawfish etoufee was the richest, darkest, hottest, spiciest, most bread-sopping entree I've ever had (after a couple of their beers, of course.)


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        Art Vingiello

        Hopefully, by now you've come to see that there are lots of very good places to get chow in Baton Rouge. The folks are friendly so just ask around. On Perkins Rd. alone, you can start at City Park and eat your way to Highland Rd. with 7-10 worthy spots. Start with lunch or breakfast at Zeeland St. Market, proceed to DiGiulio Bros. and keep on going.
        ---About a month ago, B.R. Gambit did a "Best of" article that was pretty accurate. We don't have what N.O. or even Lafayette has in terms of quality restaurants on a per capita basis, but compared to the rest of the country, this is chowhound heaven.

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          B.R. Gambit is "The Baton Rouge Gambit", and their food section is at the link below


        2. Mallini's The Place
          Fleur di Lis
          The Thai Kitchen
          Cafe Americain
          The Chimes
          a whole rash of lebanese restaurants
          Mike Anderson's
          DeAngelo's Pizzeria
          Chigaco's Steaks
          Ethel's Snack ShackJuban's
          Mansur's/French Market Bistro (same family)
          Tom Moran's rash of restaurants (Ruth's Chris, TJ Ribs, DiNardo's & Ninfa's)

          how's that for a start? i've lived here from birth and
          have traveled pretty much around the world with zagat's as my bible. these are ALL restaurnats that i frequent and all locally owned. bon ap!