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Nov 20, 2000 04:26 PM

Too many restaurants, not enough time!

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Hi, after reading Lisa's post below, I think I need the same help. My husband and I will be in town next week from Wed. to Fri. to celebrate my 40th birthday. I've been once before, last March, but my husband is a first-timer. I had one of my all-time favorite meals at NOLA last March and made reservations for my birthday, but I've read some bad and so-so reviews on this board. What's the concensus?

We arrive late on Wed., so thought we would just have dinner at Lemon Grass at our hotel, any thoughts on this restaurant?

I know the touristy stuff isn't recommended, but what of the following are "must-do's"?

Commander's Palace
Breakfast at Brennan's
Breakfast/Lunch at Mother's
Muffulatta'a at Central Grocery

We also want to hit Acme for oysters and Cafe du Monde for beignets. Oh, I almost forgot, the only reservation I could get at Bayona was 10:30 pm on Fri. night...too late to linger and enjoy?

Am I being to optimistic for 3 1/2 days worth of eating? HELP!

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  1. Forget about breakfast at Brennan's, which is mishegas you don't need. Commander's Palace can be splendid--as long as you realize the experience is not essentially about the food. (Galatoire's tends to be better these days.) Do try to work in a late lunch at Uglesich's.

    And again--I recommend lunch at Bayona's, when they serve all the famous dishes yet the service is relaxed, but 10:30 should be fine.

    1. Skip Brennan's breakfast
      Muffalatas were never my favorite (Italian combo with olive spread)

      If you want to eat earlier than 10:30, ty Mr. B's, they are usually pretty good about groups without reservations (my wife waited only 30 min last Friday night for a 3 top). Get heir BBQ shrimp and gumbo ya-ya. Also Peristyle has some bar tables - great restaurant.

      You are not being to optimistic, I bet you could fit in a few more i you tried... (you just might not fit into your pants after the weekend)

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      1. re: brad

        We can't wait. However, I am a little nervous about my pants fitting after 3 days of eating! I've never been anywhere else that puts such emphasis on food, not even NYC!

        1. re: rumcoconuts

          Looking forward to your report -- it'll be just in time for me to make any final adjustments to my plans.


          1. re: rumcoconuts

            Happy Birthday! I'm turning forty in June and strangely enough have been hinting around to my husband that this is where I want to be taken for my present. (If leaving brouchures, train schedules and every hotel article I can get off the net, laying around- can be called hinting.) But do please go to Acme Oyster Bar. You can eat a couple of dozen a day and your pants will get no smaller. And Hurricains at Pat O'Briens for the atmosphere (night is best.) Jean Lafitttes Blacksmith Shop is a wonderful old place to try a Sazerac. Cafe Du Monde is lovely at night too. You may get lucky and have a foggy night on the river. The place is magical then. The whole city seems under a spell when it's drizzly at night. Have great fun and let us hear about you discoveries.

        2. Brad says he doesn't care for muffalettas, but I like them. My husband loves them. Definitely stop by Central Grocery if you can work it in.

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          1. re: Sarah

            If you're going to go for a muffaletta, get it at Progress Grocery, a few doors down from Central. Central's reputation has plummeted, thanks to their using cheap vegetable oil in the olive salad.

            1. re: Bob W.

              Say it aint so!

              Jonesing for real muffalettas in NJ, We mail ordered some of their olive salad and its as tasty as ever on top of some prime cold cuts from Arthur Avenue and some crusty chiabatta rolls...

              Maybe it was an off day?

              1. re: Jason Perlow

                This comes from the folks on the New Orleans Mailing List, many of whom are locals. Maybe not Yats, but still locals. Those folks know their food!

            2. re: Sarah

              We've never had one, so we want to at least give it a try. When in Rome...

              We took Brennan's breakfast off of the list, added Commander's Palace for lunch (we really want to tour the Garden District, so will be there anyway!), and will try to make it to Uglesich's. Any other suggestions?

              Thanks to all, I really want this trip to be special, I don't know when we'll be able to come back.

              1. re: Rumcoconuts

                If you want a great Muff in the area go to DiMartinos on Carol Sue on the west bank. Not only is it worth the drive but it is worth the walk!!!!!