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Oct 31, 2000 07:08 PM

What About Good Hotels?

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Is it okay to talk about other important things, like where are the better hotels? I always like to stay at the Royal Sonesta on Bourbon, but can't always get the rate I want, so I'd love to know about other great places with good ambience and rates.

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  1. It seems like hotels are reallly high right now. I recently paid about as much in NOLA as I do in NYC. That said, I really love the W in the CBD. The rate was fair (like 169/night), the rooms were big, and they totally took care of me. I was sick when I checked in, and the concierge sent to my room sudafed, tea, and chicken noodle soup. The charges for these items never showed up on my bill, even though I mentioned it when I checked out. The restaurant, Zoe Bistrot, is yummy, and the bar is really cool. And, they are next door to Mothers, so you can avoid the hellacious lines.

    Only beef, the parking is $15/day, and only valet is available.

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      Thanks for your suggestion, Marie. Based on what I've learned here, Mother's is definitely on my list of things to do when I get to NO in a few weeks. When are the best times to avoid the lines?

      When I want to stay downtown, I usually prefer a place in the Quarter. During the summer, when rates are usually good all over town, a good room at the Royal Sonesta can be had for as little as $99/night.

      And I've found a nice little place Uptown, the Avenue Plaza on St. Charles near Houston's and the Red Room. My rooms have always been like a one-room apartment with a mini-kitchen. Although there's no room service, there is a hotel in the lobby. The prices are usually very good, and sometimes great. I was able to stay there last summer for only $69/night.

      I'd be really interested in finding out if there are any reasonably priced places in the university area, since my daughter's going to school there.