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Oct 13, 2000 06:26 PM

Weather related, not food

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What's the weather generally like in New Orleans in mid to late December? I'll be returning from Miami and a Caribbean cruise, and would like to limit the clothes I need to bring. I'm not planning on any cold weather in the Caribbean, but not sure about NO.

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  1. It could be warm, it could be cold. Bring along a heavy sweater or jacket, just in case. Most likely you will need it.

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    1. re: Sarah
      Lisa Antinore

      It was absolutley FREEZING during the Columbus Day weekend! It was 46 degrees on one day and very,very windy. We did a bayou/swamp thigamagig and our older guide said he couldn't recall a colder day in the last ten years! A newscaster said it was only six degrees warmer than the coldest day in NOLA history, yet the crowds were disrobing, no prob, beneath the Cat's Meow's balcony.....

      I spent the whole holiday huddled in my fiance's XXL anorak shivering away...but the food was SUBLIME!!!! Mother's, btw, has DEFINITLEY not gone downhill...The blackened ham, debris,etoufee, and grits warmed us every single morning. Central's muffeletta was delish and we even hung out with the owner, Frank Tusa, after he took me aside after he overheard me speaking of my affinity for cacciocavallo cheese while waiting on line. "You Sicilana?" he queried....Sicilians tend to seek each other out I guess....He's been living in NOLA forever and qould only recommend a place called La Riviera across the river when a certain chef was on duty and Mr. B's. Everything else, he deemed for the tourists.

      We had fab oysters at Acme as usual, great red beans and rice and burgers at Fiorelli's across from the French market, an incredible bread basket and an over-seasoned shrimp etoufee at K-Pauls, tons of beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe du Monde, more pralines and hurricanes than I'd care to admit and disappointing food and hectic service at Emeril's other place, NOLA. I liked the actual Emeril's much, much better. Masparo's was where all the locals loved for shrimp po-boys but we were underwhelmed.

      Didn't make it to Bayona or Uglisich's or Galatoire's or the Camellia Grill on this trip but intentionally avoided Brennan's and Commander's and Antoine's due to prior disapointments. We'll get to Gumbo House next time too. It seemed to be screaming out TOURIST but every person we chatted with praised it's chicken and andouille gumbo to high heaven.

      I never get tired of the Big Easy so we'll be back soon enough....

      Just remember to pack your sweaters and hit Mother's after 11:00 am so you can get to eat the hot stuff not just b/fast foods.....Check out the very cool, chichi lobby at the new W Hotel across from other's if you get a chance. We sat there for a while and saw a very strange fashion show.

      Gotta get back to classs!