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Oct 10, 2000 12:25 AM

will pay for a GREAT meal

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hey all,

coming in to town on an expense account this weekend. looking for a place with good ambience, but more importantly, great food and a staff who can recommend great wines to go with. sounds like emeril's is a trap, but i can't pick from the many other exciting alternatives. help!


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    Heather Krupa

    How about Galatoire's? I haven't been there myself but it is highly recommended by a lot of locals. I'll try it next time I'm there.

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    1. re: Heather Krupa

      My vote goes to Commanders Palace or Arnauds. Last time we in NO we decided to live it up and had dinner at Arnauds and it was amazing. Got friendly with our head waiter and he took us upstairs to their private Mardi Gras museum then on to a couple of bars (Jean Lefites - the Absinith) and we still send X-mas cards (three years running). What a town.
      Have yet to eat at Antoines but next time, next time.

    2. Galatoire's is very traditional New Orleans but can be pretty noisy so I wouldn't necessarily say it has great ambience. More refined, with outstanding food, would be Bayona, or Brigtsen's, or Gerard's.

      1. Clancy's is a well-kept secret in New Orleans. The first time I went I thought I was lost. It's in a neighborhood uptown near the river. I'd suggest taking a cab. It's only about 5 minutes from the Quarter but it's not the best neighborhood to walk around in and parking is limited. Make a reservation and you still may have to wait in line but it's certainly worth the wait. Excellent waitstaff and food. I've never had a bad meal there. I especially like their duck. It's classic new orleans food and one of the most extensive (not necessarily expensive unless you want it to be) wine list I've seen.

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        1. re: Laura Mc

          sorry, but clancy's is not five minutes from the quarter. its a twenty minute ride at least because there is no quick route there. it's way uptown, so if you cab it you will ride up st. charles ave. to webster, then all the way down to clancy's location a block from tcoupitoulas. another route is going up tcoupitoulas from the quarter, but getting to tcoupitoulas from the quarter is a little tricky. be prepared for a bewildering drive if you are not familiar with the city. cabs are not as expensive as other cities, but still could be a $10 trip, not sure. that said, i would recommend commanders palace or gautreau's over clancy's. if you are downtown and want to stay there, go to the palace on canal st. those are three can't miss places, cher.

          1. re: rlandry

            shame on you for even suggesting the palace cafe over clancy's. not even close. whether the ride is 20 mins. or 5 mins. (20 is closer, truth be told), i would strongly recommend that over palace. and commander's, in a class of its own (both as a dining experience and as a matter of price) can't fairly be recommended as a "go there instead of" clancy's.