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Oct 4, 2000 06:58 PM

Red Room in New Orleans

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Anyone out there ever been? It's very close to where I will be staying and I wondered if any good, prices, etc. Thanks for replies or any other suggestions.

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  1. I had heard their chef left and they were no longer serving food but then I heard someone say they were. They showed it on MTV for the RealWorld New Orleans and it looked wild. Definitely for the college set. People were dancing on tables and nearly ....well, that's not food related. So, what's the scoop on this place?

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      When titling messages, please consider how you yourself (as a reader of stuff on this site) prefer posters to label their messages. "not sure, but I'd like to know also" does little to inform those reading along about the content of the discussion.

      Unless the topic has changed substantially (in which case we do encourage posters to change the subject to something appropriate and informative), it's usually just better to leave the subject as is.


    2. We went & it was fabulous- Jeremy Davenport was on the night we went & we loved every minute. The building itself is interesting having been part of the original Eiffel Tower

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        What fun to see Jeremy mentioned here. His parents are long-time friends and neighbors of mine from St. Louis. I've known Jeremy since he was born! pat