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Oct 3, 2000 12:10 PM

NOLA over Christmas, on a budget.

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I'm returning from a Caribbean cruise 12/24, to spend four nights in New Orleans. Any suggestions as to where one might find some good food to get the taste of all that cruisin' food out of my mouth, or will everyone be closed Christmas Eve. One place on my list is the Camellia Grill, for breakfast. Other than that, I'm wide open, but moderate prices will be most welcome.

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  1. Some of the restaurants I always make a point to visit when I'm in NO and which are moderately priced:

    Figaro's at the corner of Maple and Fern in Uptown. Very popular among the locals and terrific Italian food.

    Riverhouse Cafe [or is it Shorehouse? something like that] at State and Magazine Streets for their wonderful po-boy sandwiches and salads.

    In the Quarter, we like to go to The Alpine often -- it's at 620 Chartres, just a block off Jackson Square but doesn't have those high "tourist prices." I guess we're sort of partial to them because they are so serious about good service and happy customers.

    Houston's on St. Charles is a favorite of everyone I know -- good food, good service, fabulous specialties like spinach dip.

    And, if you're up for the trip, you really should get to Mosca's for their baked oyster dish among other greats. Don't go alone, the servings are large but well worth the trouble and price. They're in a little shack right off the highway, and have been there forever because of their famous food. I've been there when the place was packed with the New Orleans elite and the waiting list long so call for reservations. You'll find them at 4137 Highway 90W, Avondale, LA [504-436-9942].


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      I always hit Felixs and Acme Oyster Bar when I'm in NO. Oysters from brackish waters. Nummy. I really love the po-boys at Acme too. You couldn't possibly go over budget at either of these places.

      Down near the french market (sorry I cannot remember the street name - maybe it's Magazine) there's a place called Fiorelos (?) or something along that line. Had some great fried chicken and red beans and rice with andouille and the bill came to about $9 with an ice tea and a beer.

      Also if you're at the french market you can pick up stuff for a picnic and eat it at Jackson square or back at your hotel room. Or there's always Central Grocery for Muffalattas - I know some people don't think they're the best, but others do.

      Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets. Cheap, fun people watching. Really nice to take a walk along the river after being there.

      How lucky for you to be going there. IMHO it's one of the best food towns in the country.

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        All that input, so little time. How about some of the better known dinner places, good food but not priced in the stratosphere. My Scottish ancestors would approve of a $9 tab, but once in a while we need to push the envelope a bit. After all, we only go around once in this lifetime. Anything to recommend in/around Lafayette? I'm planning to spend one day there while I'm in the area.

        1. re: JackS

          There's Prejeans in Lafayette and Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge. Prejeans is fairly large and can be somewhat noisy but food is very good. Cafe des Amis has gotten a little fancier than the time I was there. I had creamed crawfish over hot biscuits for breakfast - wonderful.

          1. re: JackS
            Heather Krupa

            Lafayette has some great food. Some of my favorites are: Olde Tyme Grocery on St. Mary (on the U of L campus) for shrimp po-boys, Deanos on W. Congress for seafood pizza (try the Cajun Executioner and shrimp a la Deanos), and the Riverside on HW 90 for seafood. These aren't really fancy places but the food is wonderful.

            1. re: Heather Krupa

              What do you think of Robin's? I haven't been in years, but they had the best etouffee I've ever had, and great crawfish in general.

              Also, gang, please consider when naming your message subjects how useful the titles will be for those reading along. "Thanks for the replies" isn't terribly helpful, so I've changed it.

              1. re: Jim Leff

                I think most people find it so easy to just hit "reply" and not change the subject. I usually try to change the subject title to draw attention to my question. Thanks for pointing it out, though. As to Robin's, I'll have to look into it when I go, after checking first with my friends in Lafayette, to get the local approval.

      2. Places I like on a budget --
        Camillia Grill, but do take the streetcar ride to get there!
        Louisiana Seafood Exchange --A little fishers' collective that has really delicious po-boys.
        Mothers -- fantastic jambalaya and po-boys, but the lines can suck.
        Dunbars -- on Freret near Tulane. Serious soul-food, w. incredible cornbread at every meal! So cheap it's practically free.
        Spice, Inc. -- This is Susan Spicer's food/stuff store that has an extensive take-out counter. Get a to-go package, drive over to the levee near Audubon Zoo and enjoy!
        And, any of the "more expensive" places at lunch. I've had great lunches at Palace Cafe, NOLA, the Grill Room, and all have been pretty reasonably priced. I usually find that drinks are what kill my budget. Have fun!