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Sep 4, 2000 11:19 PM

Cuvee Restaurant--Comments?

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I will be traveling to NO in 4 days and I have heard of a new restaurant called Cuvee might be a hdden gem. Are there any comments from the ChowHound gang on this one?

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  1. Not so hidden, but maybe a gem. I know a few people who have been, I haven't been yet. One person had a bad experience but it was very soon after it opened and you know how hectic that can be. I think word is just out and they are swamped. Also, I hear Emmanuel, the sous chef under Jamie Shannon at Commanders is taking over the old Dante St. Deli and will be opening the end of September. It's on the corner of Dante St. and River Road.

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      See report on Cuvee on the dining forum.