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Aug 4, 2000 12:35 PM

Are crawfish "in season" in late october?

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Planning a late october visit to NO and Cajun Country and would like to do some serious eating. Are crawfish "in season" in late October. Would also like to know if such other favorites as pompano and local shrimp are good menu choices at that time of year.

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  1. crawfish are traditionally in season in the spring, but in recent years advances in farming methods have made them pretty much available all year.
    EXCEPT ... there has been a catastrophic dip in the crawfish harvest in the last year. the reason most mentioned is the terrible drought afflicting the region, but something else that doesn't get around much is that some crawfish farmers have complained that a new type of pesticide used by rice farmers (crawfish farms are mostly converted rice paddies, so many of them are near active rice farms) is affecting the crawfish population ... i don't know the lowdown on this, but the upshot for you is that they just aren't very plentiful. this is doubly unfortunate, because the normal alternative to crawfish is shrimp, but THEY haven't been very plentiful in recent years either. it's too early to state it unequivocally, but it may be that shifting populations, weather changes, urbanization, shrinking wetlands, etc., are slowly eroding the bounty louisianians have taken for granted for hundreds of years ...
    china has been importing crawfish tails into louisiana for a while now, but last year the crawfish farmers actually got congress to impose a tariff on them ...

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      Thanks for the crawfish update. I'll be travelling in late October through Lafayette/"Cajun Country" and, of course, New Orleans. Hence, my crawfish inquiry. Any restaurant recommendations in Lafayette and surrounding areas?