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Jul 20, 2000 04:56 PM

Kelsey's on Magazine St.?

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Any body been? What's the word?

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  1. I've been many, many times (right around the corner from my friend's place) and had about everything on the menu.
    One of the best, un-known places in town - low-key, nice but not fancy. Although service has never been wonderful. (They have another place, the original, across the river)
    Apps- eggplant/shrimp is my fave, with the oyster/brie combo a close second
    Main courses - jalapeno duck is great, I also like the fresh fish of the day (usually drum, etc.) and the eggplant boat. If thet have either s. shell crab or salmon as a special, get it, no questions asked - both are fabulous.

    Go, enjoy!