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Jul 17, 2000 12:19 PM

Soul Food in NOLA

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When we moved here 2 1/2 years ago from Los Angeles I was surprised to find such a lack of what I consider traditional soul food in this city. I've heard a few suggestions, have tried a few, but had been disappointed until this weekend.

My husband and I ate lunch on Saturday at Causey's Country Kitchen, 7245 Chef Menteur Highway, in the far east part of the city. It was recommended in Don O'Briant's book "Back Roads and Country Buffets" which I had seen recommended on the Chowhound South message board. Finally, soul food!

Not everything is available every day, as the offerings vary from day to day. I had smothered turkey with butterbeans,rice and cornbread, and side of fried okra. Other specials include, depending on what day you go, smothered pork chops or chicken, pig's feet, meat loaf, barbecued ribs, mustard greens, smothered okra, and most days they have chitterlings. And they also have the usual New Orleans offerings of red beans and rice and gumbo.

My husband had a fried shrimp plate and found it unexceptional. Stick to the daily soul food offerings! The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch every day but Sunday, but according to their sign they are only open for dinner a couple days a week -- Friday and Saturday, I think, or is it Thursday and Friday?

By the way, I obtained O'Briant's book from the Barnes & Noble website. Amazon probably has it too.

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  1. Congrats! Place sounds great, I can't wait to check it out on my next trip!

    but hey, if you'll order your books through the Amazon search box on our homepage (halfway down, on the right), we'll make a small commission which will help pay for our server.

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      Thanks Jim for the heads up on ordering from Amazon! I do order from them semi-regularly and have been making a list of all the book recommendations listed here lately. I will be sure to order from your great site!

    2. Sarah:

      If you are from Los Angeles, you don't have a clue what "traditional soul food" is! Have you tried Dunbar's on Freret Street, between Jefferson and Napoleon? (Or is the neighborhood a little too scary for you?)