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Jul 13, 2000 02:32 PM


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We have decided this year to spend Thanksgiving holiday in NOLA. Any suggestions as to where we can have a spectacular Thanksgiving dining experience? I'd like to reserve early but want to make sure i pick the best possible place! Can anyone help me out?

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  1. My husband and I spent Thanksgiving in New Orleans several years ago. We had a spectacular Thanksgiving Dinner at Commander's Palace. The place was beautiful, the service was flawless, and the food was terrific. I recommend it very highly.

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      Was it a prix fixe menu? Can you tell me what you had to eat? Just want to be assured that it is what we are lookin for ! Thanks

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        Allison, I honestly can't remember for sure, but I don't think it was prix fixe. Rather than take up tons of space here, I'll email you the bit from my journal that describes it.

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          Hey, Dena, we have lots of space! Don't deprive the rest of us reading along!

          Remember the Chowhound Second Rule (first rule is: "If it looks good, get a business card"): "Email helps a chowhound. Postings help the whole pack"


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            Okay, Jim. You're absolutely right. So here's the excerpt from my journal that describes our Thanksgiving Dinner at Commander's Palace. It turns out this was a little more than several years ago -- it was actually 1987. The memory of the meal, though, is still very strong.
            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
            Commander’s Palace — what a beautiful place! It’s in a huge, old house in the Garden District, surrounded by weeping willows and elm trees. We went into the bar and ordered aperitifs, which we carried to a wrought-iron table in the garden. I tried a Sazerac, which is a New Orleans specialty made of bour-bon and bitters and who-knows-what-else. Whew! Pretty potent stuff!

            After ten or fifteen minutes under the elms, we were shown to our table in a lovely room. There was a special Thanksgiving Day menu, but it was late in the day—most families had already had their big meal around 2:00 or 3:00—and Jimmy couldn’t get the all-white-meat turkey dinner he’d been thinking about all day, nor could I get the roast goose. With direct quotes from the menu, however, here’s what we had for dinner, with a bottle of Sancerre.

            Jimmy: Gulf Shrimp & Fresh Mushrooms, sautéed in a sauce of garlic butter and wine * Harvest Salad—assorted Fall greens and vegetables, tossed with a duck confit and warm bacon, with mo-lasses dressing * Roast American Turkey—fresh, grain-fed Alabama turkey served with a Creole dressing, fresh cranberry compote, fresh Fall vegetables and natural giblet sauce * Sweet Potato Timbale * Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé—the richness of bread pudding, whipped into a light soufflé—Whiskey Sauce added at the table

            Dena: Smoked Mushrooms, sautéed with Tasso (sausage) in a Creole garlic butter, served over angel-hair pasta * Apple, Watercress & Pecan Salad with an herb mayonnaise * Roasted Louisiana Quail—boned and filled with a Creole crab stuffing and touched with a sauce of natural essence and Port wine * Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie with Bourbon Cream!

            That last exclamation point is mine, not theirs. This was a truly marvelous meal.

            While we were dining, we became aware of a large family group seated across the room from us. They seemed to be very much at home there, familiar with all the staff and quite congenial with everyone. When they’d finished their appetizers and salads, the chef de cuisine presented them with an enormous turkey on a platter. The captain and two waiters followed with a service cart, bearing the rest of their meal, and they proceeded to carve the turkey and serve it to this party of eight. Later, back in our room, Jimmy was reading a magazine and came upon a photo of the Brennan family, “...owners of several major New Orleans restaurants, including Commander’s Palace...” They looked awfully familiar.

    2. I was looking for something special to do at Thanksgiving, and a local party planner recommended either The Meridien or The Intercontinental for their buffets. I've talked with both hotels and chose the Intercontinental. They'll be having what sounds like a very nice champagne buffet with entertainment by Michael White for $38 per head.

      1. I had the best Thanksgiving dinner at Bayona just a fe years ago. Many traditional and not-as-traditional choices. I got my turkey and mashed potatoes. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere rather laid back. This is a great place to visit anytime of the year, but was suggested by several friends specifically for Thanksgiving dinner.