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Jul 12, 2000 03:52 PM

re uglesich: i am a dummy

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earlier, i posted about the pronunciation of uglesich's restaurant here in town.

i stand corrected, it is in fact with a long 'u', this straight from anthony. so say it as follows:


i always said it with a short 'u', and nobody ever said anything, but a friend (?) said its just because people have been laughing behind my back for years ...

two other tidbits: it is not uglesich's possessive. it is in the phone book merely as uglesich.

more important: they are closed for the summer!! ack!!!

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  1. Thanks for sparing the rest of us the embarassment! Luckily I won't be in New Orleans until November, so Ant'nee should be back from vacation.

    1. No matter how you pronounced Uglesich, Anthony has heard worse. Heck, he doesn't know how to pronounce "chayote," so consider yourself even.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        A few years ago we went to Uggie's on a hot day and my brother, seeing the painted sign in the window, ordered a Jax beer. I had to break the news to him that that sign was of historical and nostalgia value only. :>)

        1. re: Bob W.

          Sometimes it raises my hackles when I hear about "locals' places" in New Orleans. I find that among the better places, the atmosphere is heightened by the mix between locals and tourists. Uglesich's is on the "to do" list of almost any tourist with a serious interest in food; in my experience, the locals are proud to share this place, and the entire staff at Uggie's is bemused and looks at the scene with humor and grace and fitting sarcasm.

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            tourists don't bother me per se, but it is worrisome when a place ratchets prices or cuts corners in response to increased business from 'insider' status ... uglesich's has been overpriced for a while. i think that's what's got anthony smiling. nobody's complaining about the food, though. yet. finally, i hear a lot of complaints about the wait.

      2. oog as in oogah!
        lee as in robert E. lee
        itch as in what you scratch.

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        1. re: cfortner


          I am surprised to find you posting here. So, you don't believe that the "s" is pronounced ("itch" vs. "zitch")? My Slavic ex-in-laws would find that curious.

        2. 1. on their card it's written as "Uglesich's"

          2. i've heard anthony pronouce it "YOU-gla-sitch" (not "OO") - but i was so besotted with oysters i could have halucinated