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Jun 22, 2000 10:39 AM

Uglesich's - pronunciation

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I've read so much about this place - how do you pronounce the name?


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  1. I've always heard it pronounced:

    Ooo(rhymes with "boo")
    gul (rhymes with "bull)-
    siches (rhymes with the "wiches"
    in "sandwiches")

    Emphasis definitely on the "Ooo"

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Boy, am I glad I asked! Thanks!

      1. re: Lisa Z

        Sorry this is a bit late, but I have been away.

        Anyway, we have eaten at Uglesich's a few times. The pronounciation we go with is


        The proprietor is Anthony Uglesich. Pronounced Ant'knee.

        1. re: Bob W.

          i am a native louisianian and have lived in new orleans all my adult life.

          i have heard uglesich's pronounced with a short 'u', as in

          'ugg' - 'ull' - 'sitches'

          and in the long 'u' version, AND in the 'you' version

          . they all seem accepted, but the one i have always used around other natives - and which i think is correct - is the short 'u' ... for some reason, others tend to want to use the long 'u', but they tend to be transplants or breathless persons who think they've discovered the place.

          no doubt someone should just ask (or, as we natives say, 'ax') ant-nee, the proprietor, but that would only tell you how HE says it, which is actually beside the point, isn't it?

          1. re: rlandry
            Chuck Taggart

            If you listen to Mr. Anthony pronounce his surname, he says it "YOU-gla-sitch", and the name of the restaurant as "YOU-gla-sitch-es". To me, that's definitive.

            Unsolicited trivia -- a good friend of mine from Yugoslavia says that Anthony's forbears from Croatia would have spelled it "Ugljesic", with a diacritical mark over the "c" that looks like an acute accent (/), and which turns the final "c" into a "tch" sound.


            1. re: rlandry

              do u know any new orleans dialect?