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May 8, 2000 11:28 AM

Crawfish Monica only at Jazz Fest?

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Just had a great first weekend in N.O. and thought that the Crawfish Monica was the best of the Fest. Is it true that it's only available there? Would love to have it again next time I'm in town.


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  1. Lisa- check the back of the JazzFest program (you HAD to get one, no?)and find listings for all food vendors to know where to look, other than Fest, for whichever dish (and, indeed, the mud-bug Monica is a winner)

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    1. re: Bruce

      No one told me I had to get the program! I thought that would be the tell-tale sign of an first time Festie. Sort of like consulting a map in midtown Manhattan.

      Well, at least now I know where to look for info on Monica. (Fill in your own cheap joke here.)

      1. re: Lisa Z

        Try their official website (, I remember that it had a complete food listing. You might also try to post you request on the dining forum at
        (BTW-I agree, C Monica is always outstanging, as are the meat pies, BBQ Oyster P Boy, etc etc etc) Can't wait til next year!

        1. re: Brad

          A friend of mine got the business card from the Monica booth.....evidently they will ship it to you
          Wouldn't be too difficult to make either

          1. re: Amy

            I'd appreciate it if you could post the phone number; the Jazz Fest website only listed Kajun Kettle Foods, Hanrahan, LA, and I haven't been able to find a listing for them. I'd love to get some for a friend's birthday.


            1. re: Amy
              Chuck Taggart

              Many years ago I got a "Crawfish Monica" recipe from Joe Cahn at the New Orleans School of Cooking (the one in the Jax Brewery) that to me tasted just like what we get at Jazzfest.

              I had had it up on my website for years, and one day got an email from Monica Davidson herself, who very aggressively guards her trademark for "Crawfish Monica". I was allowed to keep the recipe up on the site with her kind permission, but I had to change the name of the dish and provide links back to her web site (where they sell and ship it). Fair enough.

              Let's just say that if you're a fan of the Jazzfest dish, you'll really enjoy making the "Crawfish Pasta" at home. :-)


              Mo' later, y'all...



      2. Lisa- Seems you may be right; crawfish Monica is made/vended by Kajun Kettle Foods Inc. of Harahan, La.
        (betw. airport & NOLA)-don't know any more than that.
        We've been going to JazzFest for 12 yrs. and always get the program: info on all vendors,artists(musical and non-), etc. See ya next year.