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Mar 24, 2004 12:37 PM

Whole Foods Sucks

  • j

They are the most overpriced food in the universe. I get better quality stuff at the little asian markets all over town for literally one fourth the price.

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  1. Jake, I can understand your rant. (I shop at both Asian and Mexican markets.) Whole Foods' concept is the everything is as organic as possible. There is a significant difference in the price of meat at Queen Anne Thriftway and Larry's when you go organic as well. (As in $12.00 chickens.) The meat I buy at Wayne's Asian Market isn't even inspected or graded. (Hey, it works for the Third World.) There are bargains at Whole Foods, like 4 Quail for $8.00 while the same Quail at Larry's is over $12.00. I don't see Whole Foods as appealing to an average family with a large food budget, but rather to a demographic market segment that wants what they want and price is not the deciding factor.

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    1. re: Leper

      alas, "whole paycheck" - as we call it in our household - does take some financial getting used to, but hey - best beer, cheese, meat, and seafood sections in town! good specialty foods, killa deli (mmm pizza), bakery, produce is awesome. i go to this place and am fully willing to pay a premium for the consolidation of all these wonderous foods under one easy goin' roosevelt roof. i must admit i am suprised that more chowhounders haven't come to the defense of this great store. i'm off to buy some yogurt, later.

      1. re: the fluid

        Whole Paycheck.. HAHA! I've heard that seventeen million times. As a loyal employee of Whole Foods, and a college student I definately understand everything that you all are saying! Go there for some things, go other places for other things. It is just like everything else in the world!

      2. re: Leper

        OMG Wayne's! I love that place. So funny to hear the Asian employee talking in Spanish. Bananas at .48/lb, such a screaming deal. So many good imported food products too. Like imported black olives with Arabic writing in a soft plastic vacuum-sealed package for cheap.

        1. re: Leper

          just by reading a few posts I think we're in the northwest somewhere, like Seattle.
          Waynes, Larry's, Queen Anne Thriftway. love it up there. makes me think of the 5 Spot for breakfast on Queen Anne Hill. anyway, sorry off topic.

          I'm with other posters who say get what's special to you. I go for a few slices of cheese and deli meats or pick up a jar of green peppercorns in brine, specialty things like that. personally, I just like to walk the store, you never know what you'll find in there. took a walk to the Vancouver version called [Capers I think]. got a giant avocado, a blood orange and a huge gorgeous apple. sometimes it is just a fun thing to walk through and brouse.

          1. re: iL Divo

            It *is* fun to browse. I never saw such pretty supermarkets until I ventured West. They were for the most part old and run down growing up in NY. Then I visited my friend in Houston and she took me to a Food Fiesta (?). It was BEAUTIFUL. A feast for the eyes.

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          claude lorenson

          You need to compare apple to apple (so to speak). COmpare the rpice of the SAME product at Larry, Central Market and Puget Sound Co-op....and you will see that the prices at Whole Foods are usually cheaper...I have done the research. Also Whole Foods offers much more choices in terms of cheeses, caviar, squab, quail eggs, 50 year old balsamic...this is worth time and money. Whole Foods is not the place to get Cheerios, Coke, Wonder bread....those are more expensive than anywhere else

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            And Whole Foods wouldn't sell Cheerios, Coke, or Wonder Bread. But it's also not a place to buy toilet paper, cleaning products, and the like. I find Asian and Latin markets to be very inconsistent and to have an even more limited selection of everything except Asian-specific goods, even places like Uwij...(however you spell it) and U... often has worse prices.

            I find Whole Foods to have excellent quality on anything with turnover (thus, things like chiles often are only okay). They are more expensive, but you do get what you pay for, generally, with them. I probably prefer New Seasons overall, but either is a good option in Portland.

            Just do what I do and make periodic trips to WinCo, Walmart, Safeway, Fred Meyers, or whatever and buy the staples and non-food items and fill that in with the quality stuff at places like Whole Foods, New Seasons, and ethnic markets.

            1. re: Nick

              Go to Whole Foods just for the milk, yogurt and
              butter from Straus in California. It is outstanding.

              1. re: Iris

                Yes, especially the yogurt. This is the only non-gummy yogurt I've found in these parts. When you look at the price, you may think, how can yogurt be worth this much? Don't ask, just buy & eat.

            2. re: claude lorenson

              Hi, claude: "COmpare the rpice of the SAME product at Larry, Central Market and Puget Sound Co-op...."

              LOL. These are all egregious and shameless clip joints. Dillinger was bad? You have to compare with Bonny & Clyde and Capone!

              The only reasons these places are still in business are: (a) the *illusion* that they are somehow healthier; and (b) the lameness of the bigger chains. Cash & Carry and many others are eating their lunch for staples; go to a real specialty place (e.g., DiLaurenti's) for overpriced oddities.

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              Sylvester Wilk

              "Whole" Foods Market is a damned joke! The Chicago area stores are, at least. About 75% of their produce is conventional year-round, more than half the store is dedicated to crap like candy, cookies, cake and other junk food...filled with the same crap like canola oil, corn syrup and conventional (non-organic) ingredients that you can buy for one-third the price at Dominick's or Jewel.

              Why spend so much money on food at Whole Foods when it sells the same unhealthy ingredients as Jewel does but at 3 times the price?

              Go into their prepared foods section, or the bakery department, or check out their 365 brand label and I defy you to find a product that does not contain high fructose corn syrup or canola oil. These unhealthy ingredients are ubiquitous in their products.

              Whole Foods is a scam, it's a big marketing ploy, peddling unhealthy overpriced foods at clueless yuppies with more money than brains.

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              1. re: Sylvester Wilk

                The "Whole" in whole foods is in regards to offering only products that are all natural, as in no artificial preservatives, ingredients, etc.. You can still have naturally occuring ingredients that are unheathly for you.

              2. I want some yummy yogurt!!!


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