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Apr 3, 2000 09:04 PM

EasterWeekend in NOLA

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We already have reservations Friday night at Bayonna, after that where else would you eat on a Saturday night in NOLA?

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  1. Personally, I'd go for either Galatoire's or Emeril's. The former is classic New Orleans and the latter is New Orleans updated. I've seen arguments against Emeril's in this site, but I don't know the basis for the disparagement. As a TV chef, he can be really irritating, I know. But, in my experience, the man can cook.
    If you're staying in the French Quarter, try breakfast at La Bohème — the greasy spoon dining room of the Alpine Hotel on Chartres Street, with a jukebox and a bar. They have just the best fried eggs and ham and grits and heavenly, freshly baked biscuits. But go on Saturday - I think they're closed on Sundays. And don't forget to get your oyster fix at the Acme!

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      "But, in my experince, the man can cook"

      And there is the problem with Emeril's at the moment. We loved to eat there when he was cooking and it was his only restaurant. Now he's there infrequently and he is spread to thinly.

      Try Bayona where Susan Spicer, an excellent chef, is there to over see the operation. Luckily she doesn't have a cooking show that pulls her out of the kitchen.

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      Mike Mc Kenna

      We spent two nites last week in New Orleans. The first night we ate at Bayona, you won't be dissapointed. The next night on someone's advice we tried Jaqua'mo's on Oak St. past the Garden District. It was every bit as good. It is considerately down scale from the Quarter.
      The dress code is no dress code and it has 1, count it one unisex bathroom. However if you want to try tommorrow's star this might be it. Phone # 861-0886

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        That's Jacques-Imo's, on Oak Street off of Carrolton. You can take the St. Charles streetcar to Oak and Carrolton and walk the three blocks to the restaurant. It is highly recommended, and a great deal for the price. We have eaten there several times, and haven't been disappointed in any dish yet. They don't take reservations, so go early or prepare to wait. It's worth a wait.

      2. For lots of discussion about New Orleans restaurants and food, check out the Dining Forum on the Times-Picayune's web site at