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Mar 27, 2000 10:21 AM

Seafood/Crawfish help!

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I'm going to New Orleans in a few days and need help finding a good, low key restaurant that serves buckets of crawfish and or has amazing sea food. The cheaper the better! thanks

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  1. There aren't too many places in the city itself which serve "buckets of crawfish" (I've looked!), at least that are not straight touristy/Bourbon St. type places. There are are few good ones I hear on the other side of the lake and farther into LA, but you probably aren't going to want to venture that far.
    One good idea is to go to a local seafood shop, where they usually boil them fresh and take out for a picnic lunch (and at roughly $1/pound, a really inexpensive way to pig-out!).
    Acme might be your best bet otherwise. (Maybe Frankie & Johnnie's too).
    For cheap/low key seafood, try Uglesich's (lunch only) or Cassamento's (sp?), on Magazine St.

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    1. re: Brad

      Crawfish are relatively scarce this season, and hence the prices are higher. From what I hear you won't be finding them at $1 a pound this year; more like $3 or $4 if you get them already cooked and seasoned from a seafood store to take out. Our rainfall has been low and apparently they need a lot of rain before they crawl out of their tunnels and multiply and become available. There are restaurants around the Quarter that serve them; you'll see the signs. For example, Acme Oyster House usually has them in season. You will pay still more in a restaurant, of course.

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        Please, don't buy them in a restaurant! Go to Magazine street, in Uptown. Right before you hit Audobon Park there is a seafood shop (called Seafood) and they sell them boiled perfectly, buy a whole bunch and go picnic in the park. You will spen $3.75 per pound at least this year (we are all crying about the high price down here) but it is worth it. Much better this year are the oysters though, and artichokes and strawberries are having bumpercrops. It's just a bad year for crawfish.


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      Carrie Schadle

      Try Frankie and Johnny's. I'm not sure exactly where it is located (it is outside the corner) but it sounds like what you are looking for.