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Feb 28, 2000 03:52 PM

If not Mother's, what?

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I was sad to read the posts about Mother's going downhill. Anybody have any other recommendations for breakfast in New Orleans?

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  1. I may have posted bleakly about Mother's in the past, but (having eaten there within the last few weeks: Ferdi's special po' boy; jambalaya) I can assure you: it hasn't changed a whit...except maybe in price, which is tiny by Manhattan standards but very high for New Orleans. Operations that size have natural variances. But breakfast in New Orleans--that is a major topic on its own.

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    1. re: j gold

      I'm trying to parse your message. It hasn't changed. But does that mean you LIKED it this time? Or that you NEVER liked it?

      also, sorry you didn't get their signature debris biscuit...

      you still on the road, by the way?

      1. re: Jim Leff

        I have in the past been unmoved by Mother's; this time around--maybe I'm getting a little less snobby in my old age--its virtues became more apparent. I would probably rather get my po' boys at Domilise's, Mandina's or (thanks Sarah M.!) Rocky & Carlos, but Mother's Ferdi po' boy, loaded with their excellent baked ham, your beloved debris and a heapin' helpin' of spicy Creole mustard, is undeniable.

        1. re: j gold

          Ah, sweet vindication. I think I'll hire a gloat consultant so I can explore my many options for lording this over you....

    2. (sorry for the late post)
      I was in NO 2 weeks ago and stayed about 2 blocks from Mother's, hence I was there 3 times (2 x breakfast and once for lunch).
      The place is still great!
      Sure, the locals now semi-shun the place because the prices are relatively high and when a convention is in town (almost always) the crowds line up around the corner for lunch.
      However, breakfast is still fairly calm and relaxing. Black ham or debris on a fluffy biscuit with some great coffee is an excellent way to start any day.
      And, if your lucky, they bring out a huge pan of cracklins (deep fried bacon fat!) for everyone to eat, mmmm (just don't tell your doctor/nutritionist).
      There are other breakfast spots though. For real up-scale, try Commander's, for a little less formal, I hear Petunia's does a great job (in the Quarter). Elizabath's (in the Warehouse or CBD district's) is more similar to Mother's and has a real loyal local following. There's another great diner-type place at the back of Bourbon St. (why is the name escaping me now??), but if you are back there, you will see it.

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      1. re: Brad

        Elizabeth's is actually in an area called the Bywater, a mile or so from the Quarter, and in the exact opposite direction from the CBD or Warehouse District. It's good -- best restaurant grits I've found -- but not exactly conveniently located for visitors. You could take a taxi. The address is 601 Gallier St. Tally Ho on Chartres in the Quarter is also well known for breakfasts, but it's tiny, with only a few seats.

        1. re: Sarah

          Oops,sorry, your right.
          I knew it was out of the way somewhere, sometimes my memory of things in New Orleans is just a little hazy..........

        2. re: Brad

          There is still always Camellia Grill on Carrollton Ave. Counter service with cloth napkins and a colorful wait staff. Terrific grits, omelets, and all the other yummy breakfast things that your doctor would prefer that you not know about!