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Feb 9, 2000 04:04 PM

Rocky and Carlo's

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OK, I need to hear from folks who have actually eaten at the legendary Rocky & Carlo's in Chalmette. Supposedly the macaroni and cheese makes the trip worthwhile, plus you can get a nice helping of wop salad too.

So is it worth a ride to da Parish, or is it just steam table glop?

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  1. Oh yeah. Rocky & Carlo's is on our "must" list for out of town visitors. The thing is, you don't go entirely for the quality of the food, but you go for the experience. The quantities are enormous and the prices are low, and it is most definitely "down in da parish." What I have told people about it in the past is that the food is what yo mama'n em cooked if your mama was Italian and from St. Bernard Parish. The mac & cheese is made with long strings of the pasta and you want the part on top that has the crusty cheese. You can ask them to put "red gravy" over it (tomato sauce). There are huge mounds of onion rings. If you hang around you will see that people are ordering and receiving things that aren't listed on the menu. My husband now regularly gets one of those items, which is a gigantic t-bone steak with a salty garlic/butter/parsley sauce, for about $12. It may not be the most tender steak ever served, but it's tasty and it's LARGE. I heard of one person who ordered such a steak and the waitress brought out a stack of raw steaks and waved them at him one by one, asking, "you want this one? or this one? or this one?" There is a steam table with the daily offerings which might include veal (?) parmigana, stuffed baked peppers, baked chicken with onions, liver & onions, and the like. And they have a bunch of different kinds of po boys, including fried shrimp or oyster, and roast beef with gravy.

    The wait staff is incredibly entertaining, although they don't necessarily mean to be. They will chastise you if you don't order right or if you violate their unwritten rules, whatever those are, and they aren't kidding. A number of them are extremely large, which I figure is a result of eating the food on a regular basis. I've been told that in the past some of them were known to wave their kitchen knives at one another in disputes, but we haven't witnessed that.

    Go, by all means, to Rocky & Carlos. It is a New Orleans cultural experienced missed by many visitors. You could even have your wedding reception there!

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        charles bader

        you are right, hon. I love the food though. The atmosphere is something else and, yes, those girls in the kitchen will get after each other. I was there one day when one of them went out with the other's boyfriend and the hair was flying. Never seen them use knives though.
        My aunt and uncle live on Barcelona drive in Chalmette and we used to live in rocky & Carlo.
        FANTASTIC !!1

      2. I am a Chalmette native and now live in Lafayette, La.
        Every time I visit my parents in da parish, my wife and I eat at Rocky's and get a huge order of the baked macaroni to take home. By far it is the best I have tasted and it is definitely worth the trip any day. Another good dish you should make a point to try is the roast beef po-boy,it is the best.
        I just read of the recent claims of saminilla food poisoning at the restaurant so I would wait to that blows over before you visit da parish.
        I work in a restaurant and I will be the first to admit
        Rocky's needs some work in the health and cleaniness department, but otherwise, being raised in Chalmette, we learned to overlook the minor problems and enjoy this unique dining experience. Don't get me wrong, this whole food poisoning incident is nothing to be taken lightly and nothing to be overlooked. Like I said let it blow over and then enjoy a dining experience you will never forget.

        Adam Fulton