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Chinese in Cincinnati

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I've lived here five years and have yet to find a conveniently located, medium-price Chinese restaurant with consistently good quality. Used to like King Wok in Clifton but it doesn't seem as good as it used to. There's a storefront place in Dillonvale Shopping Center that's not bad, but it's distant from where I live. Suggestions will be appreciated!

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    gouda & greens

    Many people I know swear by Blue Gibbon in Bond Hill (link to website below). I've only eaten there once, 5+ years ago, and found it to be fine, but nothing special. However, I prefer Thai much more than Chinese food, so my opinion of my meal was definitely biased. Good luck on your search!

    Link: http://www.bluegibbon.net/

    1. Try the House of Sun in Sharonville. It is just north of I-275 on US42/Reading Rd on the west/left side in at the begining of a strip mall.

      DO NOT try the House of Sun in downtown Cincy only this one.

      It has two menus, one containing standard Americanized Chinese and one containing very traditional and authentic dishes. You have to ask for the other/authentic menu explicitly as they will only give you the original.

      They have a very good seaweed and garlic dish that is served cold. My favorite thing on either menu though is the Korean Noodle Soup, absolutely fantastic.

      1. My personal favorite is the Szechuan Wok in Silverton, right on Montgomery Road. Not much to look at, but they've resisted the buffet trend and there's a real chef in the kitchen.

        I've grown to like China Gourmet, on Erie Avenue in Hyde Park. It's not exactly cheap but everything is made with care. Try the eggplant.

        Casual Chinese in Newport is my favorite place to grab takeout on the way home from work.

        Another writer suggested House of Sun, and I've heard good things about that. Another restaurant I've wanted to try is Uncle Yip's in Fairfield, which specializes in seafood.

        1. Well, it took a long time but my hubby and I finally found a Chinese restaurant that completely met--and even exceeded--our expectations: Oriental Wok, just off I-75 on Buttermilk Pike in Ft. Mitchell. For more info: www.orientalwok.com. We only wish we'd found it sooner.

          1. ++Szechuan Wok in Silverton. Try their cold noodles in red oil sauce. Basically, what it says; the sauce is a combination of brown peanut based sauce and a dollop of red pepper oil on top.

            I can only make one criticism of them. A couple of years ago I ate there with a friend and I found a fair sized piece of gravel - I mean a rock about the size of a pea - in my entree. It probably would have taken my crown out if I'd bitten down.

            Otherwise - seems to be family owned and operated.

            1. I enjoy in no particular order Casual Chinese in Newport, Pacific Moon now at Newport on the Levee, Johnny Chan 2 at Harpers Point in Montgomery, Blue Gibbon in Bond Hill, Fantastic Wok in Brentwood and First Wok in Hyde Park. I think Uncle Yip's is not as good since they moved to Fairfield and have never cared for China Gormet.

              1. I thought First Wok in Hyde Park very good, as well. However, Pacific Moon's quality has gone down hill since moving to the Levee.

                1. Interesting to see that this old thread has been resurrected. However, I will second (or third, or fourth) the recommendation of Szechwan Wok in Silverton. Used to go there at least once a week for lunch 20 years ago when I worked in Blue Ash, more sporadically since. Was there last month for the first time in a while and still loved it. The same families apparently still own and run it (and it was nice that they remembered me after all these years). They have my very favorite Hot and Sour Soup. Other recommendations include the Corn and Crab Meat Soup and Bon Bon Chicken (and those are just from the appetizer portion of the menu).

                  Another item to note: they offer their hot dishes on a scale of 1-10 (back in the day, it was a scale of 1-5). If you love really hot food, you can get it here. If you like hot food but not exceptionally hot food, you might want to start out with a 3.


                  1. The Oriental Wok off of Buttermilk pike is the best around....BBQ pork buns to die for and the fish specials are always well executed and fresh. Mike Wong will personally help you order if you just ask.

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                      Do they have a separate menu? the one they have online seems to be pretty standard Chinese-American.

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                        I'm not aware that they do, although it's a large and customer-friendly operation (at least, the Ft. Mitchell location) and I suspect they could make things to order.

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                        Oh my gosh I haven't been there in YEARS. I took my wife there on our first regulation 7-11 dinner and a show date in 1982. It was really, really good then.

                        *sigh*...ahhhh youth.

                      3. I'm a big fan of Shanghai Mama's - though depending on how authentic you want to go, that may not qualify. Chung Ching in College Hill is just amazing, and is one of those places where I have been and been at the only English speaking table. Really good food, and a lot of dishes that aren't found in normal Chinese restaurants in the area. The do a really interesting smoked duck.

                        If you're interesting in stretching somewhat beyond Chinese, Song Long in Roselawn is a great Vietnamese restaurant that also does some Chinese food. And Pacific Moon has really dropped in quality and imagination since moving to the Levy. And their sushi is just terrible, unless you like your fish to rice ratio to be at about 4 parts rice to 1 part fish.

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                          I've seen a lot of raves about Chung Ching. I've eaten there several times and haven't really enjoyed the food. Maybe I didn't order the right things, or just don't know how to appreciate "real" Chinese food. To clarify the question above, when I started this thread I was looking for Chinese-American or the type of menu typically found in most Chinese restaurants in the Midwest and outh.

                          Another serious turn-off--and this might have been corrected at some point--is the dim and somewhat grimy dining room. I recall picking up a salt shaker and wondering if it had been washed in the last five years.

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                            I've spent more than enough time in the Midwest to accept that I should never give any authority about "real" Chinese food - but Chung Ching does remind me of places I use to eat at in Chinatowns in LA and Boston. Their sizzling rice dishes, I think are really good. That being said, it is definitely not a place that will impress with it's decor. Describing the dining room as "dim and grimy" unfortunately isn't so far off - but to me, the food makes up for it. I also really like their smoked duck, but it is incredibly different from how "typical midwest" food is served. And the fact you can get glasses of wine for about $2.50.

                            For Chinese-American, I would strongly recommend Shanghai Mama's if you don't mind going downtown. The decor is nice and interesting, and while they have the typical Chinese entres - they also have some fun noodle dishes that are mostly just a play off expected Chinese fair.