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Jun 15, 2006 12:25 AM

What is the best place for BBQ in Cincinnati?

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Is there a place called Barbeque Review? Maybe someplace better??

Thx-KitchenQueen in California

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  1. There is a place called BBQ Revue in the Oakley/Madisonville neighborhood of Cincinnati, but it is nowhere near the best

    For that, head to Pit to Plate BBQ

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    1. re: TJ Jackson

      Thanks so much. I'll pass this along to my friends. They leave tomorrow for Ohio.

      Cheers and have a great weekend!

      Shari (AKA kitchenqueen)

      1. re: Kitchenqueen

        I second the recommendation for Pit to Plate. I saw Goody's mentioned in another post. I had to throw the takeout food I got from there away. It was inedible.

    2. As mentioned in the other post, there's BBQ Revue, but I was disappointed in my last trip there. Pit-to-Plate in Mount Healthy is pretty good. There's also Walt's Hitching Post across the river in Fort Mitchell, Ky. Goodie's in College Hill is also well thought-of (not open on Sunday).

      If an out-of-towner is asking about ribs in Cincinnati, they've likely heard of Montgomery Inn, which isn't true BBQ, but it's good eatin'. Their Boathouse restaurant has a great view of the river. I've taken many out-of-towners there, and few have left disappointed. Wait times can be long, so call ahead. Plus, they catered my daughter's wedding, and everybody loved it.

      The local paper recently reviewed three new BBQ joints in town; link is below. Haven't tried any, but plan to.


      1. Some things at BBQ Review aren't that great, but they do have really good beef brisket and the best mac&cheese I've tasted.

        1. I was in Cincinnati over the weekend visiting family. I'm partial to Walts , but haven't tried many of the "newer" places.

          We went to Jimmy's for dinner one night. I understand this place is fairly new. The various meats were well smoked and very tasty. The sauce was pretty good too. The sides were fine but nothing exceptional.