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MSP Sushi - Midori's, Origami...?

kcmarshall Jun 13, 2006 02:51 PM

Thought I'd push this thread up out of the "Minneapolis 15 for dinner" discussion.

I'm curious about the state of sushi in the Twin Cities. It was my understanding that Origami was supposed to be the best game in town and I asked in the "15" thread if that had changed. On response suggested that Midori's Floating World Cafe was better in quality and price.

As it happens, we visited Midori's for the first time a couple weekends ago. I really enjoyed the place and the food. I had the cold udon noodles and my wife had sushi -- I got to help out with the sushi a bit also.

The sushi was consistently good; we especially enjoyed the mango roll (eel and asparagus inside a roll wrapped in thin slices of mango and decorated with salmon roe). I'm afraid I can't offer much better analysis -- we were in a bit of shock at being out for dinner without the wee beastie...

I would highly recommend Midori's; the people are friendly (our waitress turned out to be _Midori_) and the restaurant is casual and whimsical. I especially like the art on display in the back hall by the bathroom. The pictures, all by the proprietors' sixish-year-old daughter Aria, are presented with a curatorial note written in the finest art-speak. ;) The prices are also quite reasonable; I'd haphazardly guess we could get out of there with a full sushi meal for ~20% less than our standard Sakura bill.

Maybe its the whimsy of Midori's that causes me to discount it as a top-notch sushi place. There wasn't any of that suchi chef as zen-master atmosphere that I've come to expect.

I'd welcome other ideas, opinions, reviews of local sushi places. Anyone?


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    Thill Jun 13, 2006 07:18 PM

    We have had very good luck at of all places the Mall of America at Tiger Sushi(between Nordstrom & Macy's on the 2nd level). The main Sushi chef- JR who I think used to be at Martini Blue downtown is the real deal. My wife and I love the creative combinations that they have come up with for rolls, etc. They also have some great sauces like the "Screaming" and Mango sauce that are pretty solid.

    The real bonus for my wife and I is that there is a Kid's Quest 50 feet from Tiger Sushi and we can drop our 3 kids off and enjoy the food for an hour and then pick them up.

    Convenient and great food, nice combination in my book.


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      jenniegirl Mar 16, 2008 02:41 PM

      I really liked Tiger Sushi too-it was the first time I had tried Sushi, and I really liked it. Actually, I really like to bring the sushi from Trader Joe's to work for lunch. It's really yummy.

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