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Jun 3, 2006 11:53 AM

I have recently moved to St. Joseph, MO from San Diego...

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and I am going through extreme withdrawal. I need recommendations for markets and restaurants. I have already checked out most of them here, and I now realize that I am going to have to travel to KC. I am especially looking for ethnic markets; Mexican, Asian and Middle Eastern. What I really crave is a good carne asada burrito and some really spicy Thai or Chinese food. Any other recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks! Dawn

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  1. Sorry, I'm not much help up in St. Joe. But head on down south a bit.

    The following places are north of the river and might be interesting ethnic prospects for you to try:

    Argentinian - Piropos - Parkville

    Indian - Swagat - 7407 N.W. 87th

    Malasian - The Malay Café - 6003 N.W. Barry Rd.

    Mediterranean - Café Cedar - Parkville

    Just south of the river in City Market, you'll find a fairly big Asian market, an Italian market and a couple of Middle Eastern bizarres with food products. Also restaurants like Hien Voung (Vietnamese) and Blue Nile (Ethiopian), plus many others.

    I'm sure others will be along shortly to share more! Good luck and let us know what you find!

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      Thanks for the info. I have given up on St. Joe, and will definitely be heading into KC. So any other recommendations you have will definitely be appreciated.

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        I second Piropo's... great for a special occasion or just because!

      2. Venture into Midtown when in KC and come to my neighborhood. West 39th Street between Terrace and State Line has many ethnic restaurants, some better than others, but interesting none the less. For Middle Eastern there is Cafe Rumi, next to Boomerang, a complex with vintage and retro clothes, furniture, etc. There will be another Middle Eastern place across and down the street, it's not open yet. There are no good Mexican places, unfortunately, unless you count Chipotle. Macaluso's for Italian (dinner only), there is one new Indian place, haven't tried it yet. Two Chinese, one Vietnamese, a Japanese cafe, D'Bronx for good subs and pizza, a very good Ethiopian place, a wonderful little bakery called Mulberry and Mott, and several coffee houses. For non ethnic there is Fric and Frac, Room 39 and Circe. Plus a great used book store called Prospero's, and a vintage music store whose name is escaping me at the moment. All of this is in a four block stretch of 39th.

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          Thanks so much for the recommendations. That sounds like a great place to explore. I cannot wait to check it out. Thanks again!

        2. For carne asada, check out El Pueblito at 810 Southwest Blvd. Very tasty carne asada plate with good verde salsa, onion, cilantro sides. Southwest Blvd is the traditional center of Mexican culture/cooking in Kansas City. If El Pueblito isn't to your liking, there are a bunch of other Mexican restaurants along there, with a big range in quality. That neighborhood also has several Spanish restaurants (check out La Bodega), a couple of reasonably priced fine dining restaurants (I like Shiraz), and you're right around the corner from the Freighthouse, with three of the best restaurants in town. Also Boulevard Brewing, which has beer tastings and tours on Saturdays.

          For Mexican cooking supplies, you should check out the Price Chopper at 4950 Roe Blvd in Roeland Park, Kansas. Just across the Kansas state line, just off I-35. It's a full service grocery store, but it is designed to serve a Hispanic market. Big range of produce, dry goods, canned goods, speciality meats (look, chicken feet!), and lots and lots of dried chiles.

          Hope that helps!

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          1. re: Heather

            Thanks for the tips. They just opened up a Price Chopper in St. Joe, but I haven't been there yet. I will check them out too. Thanks again!

            1. re: dawnie2u

              Just so you know -- the PC in Roeland Park is a special case. The newer PCs in KC are pretty nice grocery stores (good produce), but they vary a lot depending on the franchise owners. The Roeland Park PC is unusual in its focus on Hispanic consumers.

          2. like Dawnie I also am going thru withdrawels food wise,I moved from Miami to harrison Arkansas ayear ago,we have the worlds worst access to good produce meat's and fish,even springfield mo has nothing special,not to mention Sam's club which hold's us hostage, having just come back from a trip to Florida and visiting Costco warehouse,I want to come to kansas city to go to costco,so I would like some help on other good stores,looking also for a good bakery that does bagel's,since I'm of german decsent would like to know if there are any german Delicatessen's,and can anyone tell me where I can find a chinese restaurant that has dim sum,plus where I can find a butcher that sells kansas city ribs I can grill myself,have many many more question's but this will do for now.
            Thank you.Mutti.

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              Mutti -- if you come to KC, you can get a two-fer. Try to arrive in the morning and head to Lamar and Johnson Drive in Mission, Kansas.

              There is an excellent bagel place called Jersey Shore bagel at 6009 Johnson Drive. I won't say they're as good as what you got in Miami, but they're pretty darn good. They have a shiny surface that makes a great crust when toasted and a dense chewy inside.

              Across the street, at 5736 Johnson Drive, is Werner's Specialty Foods, a German deli. I have to admit I've never been inside, but they grill sausages outside the store on Saturdays, and I've eaten a couple of those and I thought they were excellent (anything is better right off the grill). In addition to meats, it looks like they have other dry goods.

              To be honest, though, you might want to try Fayetteville or Tulsa before you come all the way to KC. F'ville has the University and is likely to have a higher percentage of foodie types.

            2. You might try Barbosa's in St. Joe for Mexican.