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May 31, 2006 05:43 PM

First Course

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Any thoughts on "First Course" In Minn.? I heard some good stuff but need first hand info. Will be in town for a week and eating out every night, please advise

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  1. So-so. Most memorable thing was that my entree (can't even remember what it was!) was probably the most over salted dish I've had in the Twin Cities. Perhaps you'll have better luck. Nice little neighboor nook of a place.


    1. I live in that neighborhood, so I've been there several times. It's not the best neighborhood bistro in Minneapolis, but it is worth trying. The menu is surprisingly diverse and interesting. Quality ranges from excellent (on a good night) to fair (on an off night). It's a nice little space and the sidewalk dining is pleasant if you don't mind airplane noise.

      1. I also live in the neighborhood, and have been there only once and won't go back. Although I thought the food was good, my friend and I endured a tongue lashing from the owner/chef. We arrived at about 8P on a Friday in November of 2004. We ordered wine and food shortly thereafter. Two other tables were seated sometime after us. They both had their food served, eaten and bills paid before our dinners even arrived. The waiter was apologetic and continued to bring us additional bread.

        Once we had finally been served (an hour after we arrived) and eaten a few bites, the owner/chef approached our table. I thought he was coming to over a word of apology for the delay. Instead, he launched into an irate explanation for the delay, which was apparently our fault, due to what we had ordered. When my friend became irate in turn, he ended with "Well, if you think it's so easy come back into the kitchen and cook for yourself". I've never been back since.

        1. I know that this is an old thread, but I just got my tongue lashing this afternoon...The owner must be watching too much Gordon Ramsey.

          I called to provide some feedback on my experience on Saturday night. I was very polite and made sure to call well before opening, but about 30 seconds into the call, he asked if I'd ever been to a restaurant before, told me he didn't need my business and slammed the phone down.

          I'm happy to oblige him then!

          1. I wanted to bump this up because I went there on Tuesday, despite the warnings here and from Renee and Steve. I, along with my dining companions, thought it was fantastic. I had a Brazillian curry fish stew to start which was just as intricately flavored as any ethnic restaurant in the cities could produce. For my entree I had cornmeal crusted tilapia over greens with goat cheese. Delicious. Friends split the German chocolate cake for dessert and we were all pleasantly surprised by a small serving of very rich, mist chocolate cake covered with a coconut, caramel sauce. A nice twist on the traditional.