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May 30, 2006 03:02 PM

Cincinnati Eats (reasonable)

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Going back to hubby's 40th reunion, where to eat for nice, not too expensive food. Please do not suggest Skyline, Frisch's, etc., been there done that. Would love good German food and Italian..any suggestions.

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  1. I'd suggest Slim's in Northside...prix fixe menu, very skillful preparation and presentation. Within each category, you get a few choices...appetizer, salad, entree. Cash or check, no bar, but you're welcome to bring wine, and they'll supply an opener and glasses. I think it was $25-$28 a person a few weeks ago.

    1. For italian, I suggest Betta's in Mt Lookout

      I have yet to find a local German restaurant I really like, sorry.

      Also, here's a page to look through some local reviews and suchlike:

      1. You didn't say which part of town you'll be staying. The previous suggestion of Slim's is a good one; be advised that last time I heard, they had no liquor license (you can bring your own) and only took cash. I've found Montgomery Inn (ribs) and El Coyote (Tex-Mex) never fail to disappoint out-of-towners. The Inn isn't barbecue but it's good eating. El Coyote has the best margaritas in town.

        Also try Rondo's (like Slim's, the chef owns the place). If you like Cajun, there are two good places in Northern Kentucky: Dee Felice in Covington and the Knotty Pine on the Bayou near Wilder.

        For German, I don't know of anything great. Try the Hofbrauhaus (with a brewery) or Mecklenburg Gardens (a 100-year-old beer garden).

        For Italian, Cincinnati ain't Brooklyn but I like Bella Luna and Trattoria Roma (gnocchi and great tiramasu). Scotti's downtown has been there since 1912 and is the complete, total polar opposite of chain dining.

        Let us know where you end up.


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          Thanks for the suggestions. We are staying in Silverton at b-inlaw's home. Been to Montgomery Ribs on river (bil's favorite place) but I do not think it is very good at all - okay - not good. Love seafood and his favorite was Joe's Crab Shack (yuk) so cannot ask him for suggestions. Keep the suggestions coming and I will review some of the links you included. Thank you.

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            My favorite Chinese restaurant is in Silverton, the Szechuan Wok. It may not look like much, but it's a family business and there's a real cook in the kitchen. And no buffet. Get the yu-shaing pork. Right next door, the Silverton Cafe (kind of a hole in the wall) actually has decent food. And, some of the best Italian in the city is nearby in Deer Park, a place called Baressi's, but it's probably pricier than you'd like. Up Montgomery Road from Silverton is a Cheesecake Factory and lots more chain stuff. Trio's next to the Kenwood Towne Centre also is very good, but it might be a bit pricey and on weekends the wait can be long.

            1. re: jb

              if you love seafood, try either mitchell's at newport on the levee or the chart house on the newport riverfront. both are very good and chart house also has a nice view of the river and cincinnati skyline.

          2. For German go to Lenhardt's on McMillan in Clifton I have included the link. Their menu is German and Eastern European. It is family owned and make sure you save room for dessert.


            1. If you like Cajun food (or anything else really as they have a nice mix) I would recommend Allyn's Cafe in the Hyde Park/Mt Lookout area (it is actually in Columbia-Tusculum). Good Margaritas there as well. Trio, which has been recommended, is good and close to where you are staying. You can get an AWESOME tuna salad bagel on Kenwood Rd north of Silverton (past the mall a couple of miles) at Marx Bagels - fun atmosphere as well.