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May 12, 2006 06:21 PM

Dubuque weiners

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I don't know what dislodged his memory. Many years (40) ago we used to by weiners in Dubuque en route from Madison to Cascade.

The name started with TR...

Anybody able to fill in the blank and let me know if they are still around.


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  1. The name of the meat market was "Trenkels."

    They haven't been in business for many years.

    I remember the store well and have never found better weiners anywhere.

    1. I am not familiar with Dubuque weiners, but our family is obsessed with the weiners/natural casings from Old Wisconsin. They have become impossible to find in the Indianapolis area. They had been available through the Meier chain, but they have been inconsistently available. Old wisconsin makes other products as well, but these weiners are what we crave. They are very close to a real Swiss or German weiner. We have tried to obtain them directly through the distributor, but this has been frustrating as well. If anyone can help us, pls post --otherwise, if you see these in your market, lucky you --buy them! they are delicious.

        1. I know .was able to get them here in Missouri but then Johnsonville discontinued the distribution of them....... NOT HAPPY