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May 8, 2006 11:31 AM

Where have all the doughnuts gone? Mpls

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It seems like the great doughnut shop has become a thing of the past. I'm looking for locally owned and opperated melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts. Please help me find them in the Minneapolis area!

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  1. Here's a Web site created by a dedicated bakery 'hound (not me). I know that some of the listings are out of date -- Muddy Paws Cheesecake no longer has a Snelling Ave. location, for example -- but this looks like a pretty delicious list to work one's way through. Report in on what you find!


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    1. re: McGeary

      Hey, that's me! I made this list for my husband, who likes to patronize independantly-owned bakeries when he brings treats to work. What a guy!

      As McGeary noted, this list is sadly out of date. (My hubby's low cholesterol diet has really interfered with our doughnut research.) I've got to get cracking and update it. Soon, I promise.

      Anyway, my top favorite places for doughnuts are:

      Mel-O-Glaze for glazed doughnuts - they just don't get any better than this.

      The Baker's Wife - everything here is WONDERFUL! Their cake doughnuts are a revelation. And the blueberry cream-cheese turnovers can turn any day into a holiday.

      Wuollet - good, not great, but they have all the classic doughnuts. No pastry yuppification here.

      Franklin Street Bakery - high on the yuppie scone/pastry scale, but they do sometimes have traditional doughnuts, which are very, very good.

      I haven't tried Palm's Bakery, but it sounds good. Other possibilities - also untried by me - are Yum! in St. Louis Park and Edelweiss Bakery in Prior Lake.


      1. re: AnneInMpls

        No doubt there are still good donut shops, but Anne you describe a days worth of driving to find these places. The closest to me is a Woullet, an 8 mile drive! There was a time when every neighborhood had a decent bakery with good if not great donuts. Now every neighborhood and retail node has a coffee shop with muffins, pastries, cookies, sweetened dry toast and scones but rarely a good donut.

        1. re: Davydd

          You're right, Davydd - the heyday of the old-fashioned neighborhood bakery is over, alas. Perhaps because people live ever farther and farther away these days. (Would you consider moving closer to a good bakery?)

          But it's more likely the effect of the ubiquitous Super Mom's and supermarket baked goods perpetrated on a tastebud-deadened majority. I deplore this situation. Or maybe it's the mistaken belief, in this diet-obsessed era, that doughnuts are higher in fat than scones and muffins. (Or it could be that muffins and biscotti last longer and are easier to make than doughnuts.)

          If I were you, I would make excuses to drive past Wuollet at least once a week. (8 miles isn't too far to drive for a good doughnut, is it?) Or ask for doughtnut recipes on the Home Cooking board...


    2. Mel-O-Glaze Bakery! South Minneapolis, at Minnehaha Parkway and 28th Ave. Really really good donuts. Their apple fritters are fabulous. You won't be disappointed.

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      1. re: Plautus

        I would second that suggestion! Great cinnamon rolls too.

        1. re: Plautus

          I Love Mel-O-Glaze. The only raised glazed I like, really.

          For cake doughnuts I choose Palm's bakery. Yes it's in St. Louis Park, but that's just a smidge outside Minneapolis. 6416 W Lake St

          1. re: Plautus

            thank heaven you stepped up, Plautus! I was beginning to wonder how this thread could go on for so long without any mention of God's Own raised glazed (and chocolate iced!) doughnut source, the Mel-O-Glaze!!

            1. re: ajs

              Is it just me, or did the quality of Mel-O-Glaze slip a few years ago? It used to be one of my favorites. I'd volunteer to drive to the airport in order to stop by on the way back.

              However, I was not impressed the last few times I've gone. It's no longer a mandatory detour for me.


              1. re: Bob S.

                Hm. Don't know the answer there, as I have only been enjoying their products for a very few years. What I do know is that I have had two sublime raised glazed doughnut experiences in my life. One is Mel-O-Glaze. The other is a fresh (i.e. hot and right out of the donut-o-matic) Krispy Kreme on 23rd in NYC. In the latter case, I was in love, so I am sure that helped.
                Bob, I am willing to be persuaded, if there is a better raised glazed (especially chocolate frosted) doughnut in town, name it and I am there!

                1. re: ajs

                  Unfortunately, I don't have a better raised glazed doughnut. My post was one of disappointment rather than total criticism. I'm glad to hear that their doughnuts can still be life-changing. I'll keep trying them. (After all, even a mediocre doughnut is better than a stick in the eye.)

                  I'd also love to hear about other contenders. I'll meet you there ajs!


          2. If I understand you are asking about a good donut shop. It seems Minneapolis and the Twin Cities is too affected. They go for fancy pastries and the scones, muffin and bagel people just about killed off the donut.

            When I first moved to the Twin Cities I lived just a few blocks from two of the best, the Lincoln Del and Bernie's on West Lake Street. Sadly, they are both history. Then I moved to the Lake Minnetonka area and enjoyed the Excelo Bakery in Excelsior. Now it is closed.

            A real donut? I'm going to drive 600 miles to Indianapolis and go to Long's Bakery. They still have it. They could be the best in the nation. Ok, yeah, I know that is extreme.

            1. I haven't scoured very thoroughly. However, I think Wuollet's bakery has very nice cake doughnuts. Just a nice clean doughnutty flavor. I don't know how else to describe them. Good luck!


              1. Looking for doughnuts? Try the Roseville Bakery on Larpenteur and Lexington in Roseville or Emily's Bakery on Hwy 61 in Hastings or Farmington Bakery on Oak St in Farmington or Joe's Bakery on 5th Av in South St. Paul or Sara Jane's Bakery on Johnson St. in Northeast Mpls.

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                1. re: Sven

                  I think the glazed raised at Roseville bakery have been hit and miss lately. The size isn't consistent nor the texture and "fluffiness". They used to add a drop of almond extract but haven't tasted that for a long time. Too bad.

                  1. re: janeof ah

                    Perhaps. Although I usually stick to the deep fried glazed croissant.