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May 1, 2006 03:54 PM

Your favorite place to eat in Terre Haute, IN ...... why?

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Planning on taking a trip there soon. Would love to hear your recommendations.

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  1. I waited a bit to see if anyone replied to your post...... I hoped someone would. We have family in Robinson, IL, that we visit frequently. It's a very small town so we often head to Terre Haute for dinner - unfortunately it's mostly chains. The MCL Cafeteria dishes up some good standard Midwestern fare. We had one nice expensive dinner at the upscale Stables Steak House - the building is very unique and interesting. I assume they're still open - have not been in at least a year or two. (web site below).

    Louise's Italian Bar and Grill has been there since I was in high school 25 years ago. With that time line, sounds like it could be an institution but I know nothing about it.

    My personal recommendation would be for Stables. For a chain, Texas Roadhouse is also good - we really like the one in Champaign, IL. Happy dining --

    Stables Steak House
    (1.1 miles away)
    939 Poplar St
    Terre Haute, IN zip code
    Phone: (812) 232-6677

    Louise's Italian Bar & Grill
    (1.4 miles away
    )2202 N 11th St
    Terre Haute, IN zip code
    Phone: (812) 232-4989

    1. There are actually some decent places to eat in Terre Haute given that there are 2 colleges in the immediate vicinity. The link below is to the website of a Rose-Hulman professor who has documented much of the food and culture of the area. I have been to Market Bella Rosa and can heartily recommend it for excellent soup, sandwiches and pasta dishes. There was a review of Sushi Umi here on the Midwest board a while back. It pretty much concured with Dr. Tom's review that it is a great place for sushi (I can't wait to get back to Terre Haute to try it myself).

      Hope this helps!


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        Here's the review of Sushi Umi that I mentioned.


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          I'm so grateful for this post. Given that there are two colleges there, I kept thinking there must be something. I drive through it twice a year on a drive from the E. coast to the midwest and it's a good stopping point for lunch for me both ways.

        2. If you're a fan of Mexican food, try The Real Hacienda at 3728 Wabash Avenue. Very good Mexican food, well-prepared. Huge portions, too, if that's your thing. Besides that, anything on Dr. Tom's website (in another post) is a good bet. Worth a try if you're downtown is the Saratoga, with some decent sandwiches.