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Apr 27, 2006 06:01 PM

MSP: missing Lincoln Del bread and bagels

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I wish the Lincoln Del bakery, although not the restaurant, was still around. Very good, if not great, rye bread and decent bagels are hard to come by in the Twin Cities. Any recs?

- Phil

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  1. The best bagels (by far) in the Twin Cities are at the St. Paul Bagelry at Lexington and Larpenteur in Roseville.

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    1. re: Danny
      Faith Lubitz

      I recall that Zeno's had H&H bagels before they
      changed hands. Not sure if they still do.

    2. Does anyone know why Lincoln Del crashed and burned? I formed my first opinion of bagels there, and I remember them as delicious. They also had excellent service both sit down and deli counter. My last experience there (Saint Louis Park store) included getting doused with a wall of cleaning fumes, and witnessing an argument between employees.

      Cecil's has their own thing going, but the bagel quest continues....

      Anyone tried New York mail order? There's got to be someone with their game on.

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      1. re: karlitosway
        mark grossman

        the bloomington location closed because the land it was on was more valuable than the business.

        the saint louis park location was done in by the expansion of hwy 12 into interstate 394

        not sure about the saint louis park/ lake street location. maybe the owners didnt feel like keeping it going with the other 2 locations closing.

        it was a great twin cities institution.

        1. re: mark grossman

          The story behind the crash & burn of the Lincoln Del has all the elements of a good summer read--betrayal, greed, sabotage and especially $$$$$$$$$$.
          I heard the bakers all went to the suburban sort-of-like-a-delis.
          They left en-masse...and then it all came apart.

        2. re: karlitosway

          I heard the owner sold out, they didn't crash and burn. I've ordered H & H Bagels from NY which they shipped to me Fedex on the West Coast, they were really good.

        3. I think the bagels from Brothers Deli are very good (6th and Nicollet - Skyway Level). I have heard that they are H&H Bagels,flown in from NY daily. However, I don't believe they are open on weekends.

          1. The Lincoln Del story ends when grandson Danny Berenberg decided to sell his 6.8 acre tract on the Bloomington strip to Walser Automotive for $6.4 million. Since the Bloomington store was also supporting the Park store and the Park location was too antiquated to run by itself, both had to go. The St. Louis Park store was closed in June 2000. Berenberg retained the rights to the name and all the recipes. Many of the recipes came with family members who immigrated from Russia and Romania, Berenberg said in a Dispatch article. At the time of closing, the borscht chefs moved to Zaroff's Deli in Minnetonka, which has now closed.