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Apr 15, 2006 10:58 PM

Slow's BBQ in Detroit

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Went to Slow's in Detroit today for the first time. It's near Corktown (old Tiger stadium). Anyhow, I came away very impressed. I had the pulled pork plate with a side of sweet potato mash, baked beans, and I tried the black eyed peas and mac & cheese. I think the food was $10.95. Plus, their beer menu was outstanding with good, friendly service. They were happy to allow tastings of the draft beer. (Beers like Anchor Steam and Ommegang were $4 a pint!!)

The interior is minimal and is a lot of the crowd (hip, I mean). But...the food is excellent. I have a hard time finding good bbq north of the Mason-Dixon line, but this was a winner.

It gets a good crowd, so be prepared for some wait time at the bar.

We'll return.


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  1. It's really, really superb BBQ, and I speak as someone who lived in the South and sampled a lot of good stuff. The Carolina style has been especially hard to find around Detroit until now. My only warning for folks thinking of trying this place--it's a bar, basically, and it's kind of the hip hangout for young music fans at the moment. Try going for a late lunch or early dinner; otherwise you're likely to find it packed to the gills.

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      We've been 3 times and never had to wait but, yes, it's young and noisy and smokey. Loved everything EXCEPT their famed mac-and-cheese, which I found too heavy.

    2. had lunch at slows on friday. my second time. the place continues to be very popular, i had to wait 20 minutes for a table.

      i had the triple platter: pulled pork, pulled chicken, and sliced brisket. i really liked the pork with the vinegar based carolina sauce (didn't care for the mustard sauce). the brisket was ok, but dry. i was very surprised by the pulled chicken which was very juicy and tender with a hint of smoke. good with the applewood sauce and the tangy texas sauce.

      sides: slaw was very bland and flavorless. black eyed peas with slices of okra was very good. tried some mac-n-cheese which was ok. black beans looked good.

      service was decent for a packed rooms.

      1. My only Slow's experience goes like this : winter , just before the Super Bowl . My friend Dan and I are scouting out possible game week hot spots . We try Centaur , ( hot ) Fifth @ Comerica , ( also hot ) Oslo ( mmm hmm ) , and about now 12:45 am or so I realise that I am for sure coming down with the flu . Barfy , feverish , take me home now kinda flu . Ick . I take it like a trouper as my boy has a last drink as I try like a hero not to hurl in my dizzy feverish sweaty coma of get me home . At last we leave whatever sweet club I couldn't wait to leave . I-75 ! Sweet freeway of Ferndale salvation at last ! Whats this ? Tiger Stadium ? Where are you going Dan , I'm sick for real ? A BBQ joint ?! Dear lord , are you trying to kill me ? It's all I can do to not puke all over your new Pontiac ! Tick , tick tick , me festering in my sad nausea . Just then , Dan comes back with his late night Slow's jumbo combo carry-out order ... I'm sick as a dog , a nasty fever makes me shake and shiver , it's bad , but dear lord , does that BBQ smell good or what ? Could I maybe , like try a nibble ? I won't cough on it , I promise . No ? But food never smells good when I'm sick , and I'm sick , but dammit , I want me some of that , nausea be damned ! In the end I get a quick trip home and not even a nibble , but I will never forget how bad I felt and how good that pork smelled . It's a good thing I know how to make it at home , but I must go to Slow's again to confirm my instincts .

        1. I've been to Slows a couple times now. The first time was a disaster, very slow service (one person didn't get her entree till we had all eaten), several entees unavailable, several drink choices unavailabe. yet...

          The bbq was so good, the sides were so delicious we decided to try again. The next two trips were wonderful. If you have a big group they will take a reservation, so grab some friends and go.

          I had some friends from Paris staying with me in early August, one day they struck out on their own and drove around the city. They called from Slows, saying we have found the most beautiful bar! Is the food good? I said oui.