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Apr 13, 2006 09:46 AM

Beer garden in the Detroit area?

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Seeing how it's looking mighty pleasant out today, I was curious to see what beer gardens the board would recommend in the metro Detroit area. Preferrably close to work (downtown Detroit) or home (Ferndale), but I will consider anything.

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  1. Good question...I always try to think of outdoor places to go in Metro Detroit and I come up stymied!! There's always the WAB (Woodward ave Brewery) in Ferndale, I think the Whitney has its garden party on Thurs, Agave has an outdoor bar in back, Tom's Oyster Bar has an outdoor upstairs (not sure when it is open), Hockeytown has the open upstairs. In Troy, I always forget that Camp Ticonderoga has an open rear porch (their food is iffy). Big Rock in Birmingham has some outdoor places. Of course, there's Royal Oak...

    1. on friday, my daughters wanted to eat outside. my wife and i took them to one of our favorite summer spots - rochester mills brewery in downtown rochester. decent fish & chips, cuban sandwich (and a hot dog and chicken fingers...) plus a nice doppelbock, a very good i.p.a. and a decent lager.

      check out their sister place - the royal oak brewery which has a nice beer garden in the back. now if we could only get some outdoor seating at their third outpost downtown - detroit brewing company.

      1. While I wouldn't call it a beer garden, Amici's Pizza in Berkley has a tiny little vest pocket outdoor garden which is quite charming in nice weather, right behind the "Living Room" bar/seating area. Great food, neighborhood atmosphere.

        I thought I read that 24 seconds, the new sports bar also on 12 mile in Berkley was opening an upstairs/outdoor area.

        An, of course Como's--though it always seems to me you're ON Woodward Ave rather than sitting by the Italian lights at night, though...

        O'Mara's also totally reavamped its outdoor area--they had some good happy hour values as well on drinks. Nicely shaded, with lots of flowers in the warmer weather...

        Let me know if you find any great sites we can high our tails over to...

        1. It's still going to be nice out for at least a month or two so I was reminded of this article on dining al fresco in Detroit. Most of these places you could simply go for drinks.

          1. David, you might consider a drive out Lakeshore, through the Grosse Points, to patios at Fishbones on Nine Mile and Jefferson, or Pat O'Briens at 10 and Jefferson. The only drawback to these two are their patios front the street, with little ambience. Beach Grill also has a nice patio overlooking the small marina. Its at Jefferson, just about two blocks north(east?)of Fishbones.

            There's a nice Tex-Mex restaurant on Mack in Grosse Pointe Park, Sierra Station that has "courtyard" drinking and dining also.

            Good luck in your search.