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Apr 11, 2006 07:59 PM

MSP: Looking for Uptown breakfast

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An elderly friend is taking me out for breakfast on Saturday, and I'm looking for a nice place to go in Uptown-St.Louis Park area (the part near Lake Street/Excelsior Blvd.) But I'm stumped - I can't think of anything!

For this occasion, "a nice breakfast place" means: inexpensive (she's treating), table ordering and service (which leaves out French Meadow Bakery?), quiet enough to talk, and not too mobbed or crowded on a Saturday morning. And, of course, not a chain.

My friend has pretty traditional tastes, so exotically ethnic or wildly spicy wouldn't work. Also, she has a very small appetite, so I'm looking for a place that has small plates and side dishes, not just a few huge omelets or gigantic pancakes.

Any ideas?


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  1. How about Café Barbette? They have lovely, not-gigantic omelets and crepes, good coffee, and reasonable prices. I find it quite a charming spot and the patrons are from a wide range of age groups, so I think she would be comfortable there.


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    1. re: McGeary

      I realize that this is too late for the original poster's need, but I thought I'd chime in for future reference.

      I love Cafe Barbette, for breakfast or otherwise. They have great coffee, top quality ingredients and thoughtful presentation. I would not, however, suggest that it's a cheap breakfast place. You do, however, generally get what you pay for.


    2. How about Yum?

      4000 Minnetonka Blvd., St. Louis Park


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        Yum tends to be pretty packed, which was a no-no in
        the request here.

        1. re: Faith Lubitz

          Also, you order at one counter and then pay at another.

      2. I would vote for Lucia's. I think it is the nicest spot for breakfast in town. It fits your criteria of: 1) table service, 2) quiet enought to talk, and 3) reasonable portion sizes. I am not sure how inexpensive you are looking for, but the pricing is at pairty or maybe $1-2 more than a place like French Meadow -- entrees typically are about $9-10. On top of that the food is excellent, fresh, and clean tasting. It is open from 10-2 for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and is typically less crowded on Saturdays.

        1. Thanks for the great suggestions! Barbette sounds like just what we're looking for. But I gotta get to Yum and Lucia's soon.