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Apr 10, 2006 05:28 PM

mex /texmex in st. louis?

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I need to find a decent mexican/texmex place in the St.louis area. Lived in Texas for about 5 years and had the best food ever...Having a hard time finding any decent mex out here and need help! Anyone know of anything good? All suggestions welcome. Gracias

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  1. Since none of the locals have jumped in, hope you don't mind some recs from a former resident, and frequent visitor. Arcelia's on Lafayette Square has an awesome Chili Colorado---we'll be driving 150 miles to have it Thursday night!
    Another old favorite is Pueblo Nuevo in Hazelwood---in a tiny shopping center on Lindbergh just north of 270. We lived within walking distance about 20 years ago when they first opened. Owned & run by a family from Mexico. Nothing fancy, just GOOD.
    Hope this helps.

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      Arcelia's is a good bet as is Pueblo Solis on Hampton. If you are feelling a little more adventurous (and more casual) try La Tropicana on Lindenwood at Hereford. It's a little Mexican grocery with a great deli and patio. Mex and Cuban food can both be had.

    2. On another chowhound posting, someone recommended Mi Ranchito for Mexican. Just north of Delmar on Kingsland

      1. I have been looking for the same thing. I have visited Mi Lupita in Fenton, but only becuase a friend drinks there a lot. Food is OK, but nowhere near Tex/Mex I had in Houston/College Station.

        While many love Casa Gallardo, to me it's upscale Taco bell.

        1. I lived in Dallas over 30 yrs and been here for over 10. There is no TexMex in St. Louis. Chevy's is close and Canyon Cafe has good southwest. Everyplace else is pretty much the same. It's average mexican. Red sauce on the enchiladas, not chili con carne. Oh, and don't ask about sopapias, they don't have a clue. I actually had one owner, say that St. Louisans don't know what they are, but if you want a real one, pastry not fried tortilla, she would make one.
          I have even emailed chains like Don Pablos and On the Borders and none of them have an interest in coming to St. Louis.

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            A running friend of mine from Amarillo said that in his quest for Mexican food in St. Louis, his family ended up at Senor Pique in Manchester one night and loved it. After checking out their website that night, I ate lunch their the next day, and can safely agree, that it's the best, and most authentic Mexican that I have had in St. Louis to date.

            It really is great.


          2. There are some authentic taco places on Cherokee between Jefferson and Gravois. I can't remember any of the names -- but if you search in The Riverfront Times online -- I know they reviewed a few.