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Mar 27, 2006 08:01 PM

Where should I go eat when I visit Winona, MN?

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I am going to be visiting the area of Winona, Minnesota soon. I always like to visit diferent restaurants when I travel. I am a bit of a in-home chef and like to find the best food available when travel. Please give me some suggestions.

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  1. My chow-telligence agent who resides in Winona reports:

    "Around Winona - Signatures is a public restaurant at the Country Club. It is the nicest place [the only one with table clothes] and nothing is what you would call "fancy". You can get steak and seafood.

    The Green Mill is at the Holiday Inn [the nicest place to stay but not fancy] and would be next in terms of niceness and food quality. Jefferson's is by the river and is informal and fun.

    Is Winona the main destination? LaCrosse is the next town down the river and has much more stuff. Wabasha is the next town up the river and has the best restaurant around called Nosh [not fancy but more upscale "infused" food, etc.]"

    Winona is definately not a major metropolis and it sounds like the pick'ns are slim.

    Link: http://www.indefatigable-indolence.or...

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      Matthew Heddle

      Thank you. I am looking for more upscale dining. Nosh sounds like the best place around. Has anyone been there?

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        Nosh is excellent. In the Lake Pepin area it's only equal I have found is the Harbor View Cafe in Pepin, an additional 20 minutes from Wabasha.

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          A second for Nosh...very good. Every dish I have had has been flawlessly executed.

          Another noteworthy food experience is Bloedow's (pronounced Blay-doze (I think)) doughnuts from the Bloedow Bakery. A truly GREAT doughnut shop, and a local institution. Krispy Kreme has fallen on hard times everywhere lately, but they never got any traction in Winona, simply because of Bloedow''s a link to the story about it, published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and later featured on WCCO-TV.

          1. re: Clifford

            Big second on Bloedow's -- got to try everything. Rocco's and Sammy's pizza places are OK too, good local product. Many think Rocco's is better from the Goodview store than from the east end.

      2. Harbor View in Pepin is worth the trip they are open on the weekends now for the rest of the summer season. If you are looking for different and innovative meals that is definately the place to go.

        I personally haven't been to Nosh, but the Anderson House in Wabasha, just up the street has great food for the area, great fish and prime rib dinners. Way too much food.

        Also we recently tried Kates on State in Lacrosse and that was by far one of the best italian meals I have had in my life. Piggy's I have also heard is great in La Crosse. A lot of resturants down town on the river are great to eat at.

        Good Luck.