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Mar 26, 2006 10:07 AM

Roseville, MI--Any recent experience with Mr Paul's?

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Looking for a fine dining option for a very special anniversary...

I know Mr Paul's Chophouse has a storied reputation, but can't find newer recs on the place.

Any 'hounds have recent experience?

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  1. I haven't been to Mr. Paul's myself since I live on the opposite side of town but I have a couple of co-workers who love the place. They rave about the crab legs and lobster tails along with the Caesar salad prepared tableside. Let us know if you go.

    1. mr. paul's is a very good spot. dark, clubby, very good food (chop house fare), very professional wait staff. old school business lunch spot (favored by many of the east side contractors and tool & die execs). you do ok celebrating a special, intimate event there.

      fyi - the same family owns the brewery on hayes/18 mile in clinton twsp. another good spot.

      1. We ate at Mr. Pauls Saturday 3/24. Now live out of town
        It certainly is not what it used to be Ceasar salad had too much lemon entrees were good but nothing to write home about. I think the third generation is just not into it as much as 1 and 2

        1. Think I'm gonna take a "pass" on the Gogos' and Mr. Paul's this year.

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            ate there last night for the first time after a recommendation from a friend

            Pretty darn good french onion soup. In fact, probably the best i've had in Se-MI. Dark, flavorful without being too salty. Good cheese on top. yummy.
            Caesar salad: I thought they did an excellent job with this. prepared table-side. A little light on the anchovy and garlic but still very, very good.
            Steaks: Admittedly not as good as my local fav: Capital grille. But for around half the price, its got value. Its cooked in typical Detroit fashion: butter and zip-sauce. The ribeye was tender, juicy, and pretty flavorful. My piece didn't have as much of a char on the outside as I'd like.

            Honestly though, you can't beat the ambiance. Old school, waiter in suits, super friendly staff, elderly gentleman playing the piano.


            1. re: donbui82

              That's a nice review Don and I second your opinions with the execption that my favorite steak comes off MY BGE! :)
              How many places are left that are doing a real Ceaser tableside any more?
              Mr. Paul's has been around forever and while it's not perfection it really is a very good value and a nice experience.