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Mar 20, 2006 05:43 PM

Quad Cities Restaurants

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We are looking for good places to eat in the Quad Cities...Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline area.

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    mike coughlin

    Davenport...Machine Shed, family style dining, steaks chops etc. Riefe's...breakfast/comfort food, been there forever. Bettendorf...Red Crow Grill, more upscale, some of the best food in the Quads, Ross's a Quad City institution, go for breakfast/lunch. Moline...Belgian Village, Best Corned Beef sandwich anywhere in the world, plus it's huge. Rock Island...Jim's ribs, also an institution. Everywhere...Rudy's Tacos...greasy and good. Maid Rite, if you haven't had them, you must go. Harris pizza, best in the Quads. Finish everything off with Ice Creme from Happy Joe's or chocolate from Lagomarcino's

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    1. re: mike coughlin
      Doug Williams

      You forgot: The Hungry Hobo: A local sub shop chain. Get the number 11.

      Whitey's Ice Cream is better than Happy Joe's. But Happy Joe's Taco Pizza is a classic. As is the Happy Joe specialty pizza with sauerkraut and Canadian bacon.

      A couple of good Vietnemese places in Moline too, but the names escape me at the moment.

      I can't reaffirm the Belgian Village recommendation enough. And for more than just the corned beef.

      1. re: Doug Williams
        mike coughlin

        Whitey's of course, for ice cream, not Happy Joe's.

        1. re: mike coughlin

          Whitey's and Country Style for ice cream...Maria's and Habenaroes for Mexican..Biagio's, Brown Bottle and Tu Tannataro for Italian...Pasteurs for Vietnamese..Exotic Thai.. Harris for Pizza...Machine Shed is consistently good..Steventons and Red Crow very good upscale restaurants.. L'Figaro the best of the upscale 20 years I've never had even an average meal...Foreget Happy Joe's, Rudy's, Jims Ribs, Belgium Village has big sandwiches,all bread...Maid Rite is all grease

    2. We drove down to Galesburg IL yesterday to drop kids off at Knox College after spring break, and on the way back we grabed a motel in Moline, and received recommendations for Bud's Skyline Inn (2621 Airport Road 309 764 9128) just around the corner from our motel. The place was opened in the 30's, and is still going strong. I had frog legs, and my wife had prime rib. We were both very happy with our choices.

      1. Try downtown Davenport, Centro. Good food in an interesting restored building.