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Mar 16, 2006 06:02 PM

Paella in Twin Cities

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Which restaurants in MSP offer paella? Which do you recommmend?

I'd assume that Solera offers it. Does Solera offer entrees? Their website only lists their tapas, but I thought they had entrees as well.


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  1. A lot of restaurants might not be offering Paella until summer. I know that Fhima's used to offer one (they may still), though I think it was for two people. El Meson offers one, as does Babalu, but I'm allergic to shellfish and have thus have never had paella in my life. I would bet that La Bodega also offers a paella.

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    1. re: CulinaryKate

      Why would restaurants not offer paella in winter? i'm puzzled.
      El Meson used to have it, and if i'm not mistaken so did Solera (as a small dish) - just call them, i betcha that they can make it for you even if it is not in the menu.... after all, paella is not a complicated dish - it takes some work, but it's a simple dish process-wise (melt butter, add onions, peppers & chicken, add rice, add broth + wine, add seafood + peas... voila!). It's my favorite dish for entertaining - an easy way to cook for 15-20 people and still get compliments! Remember, paella means “for her” – it was the dish that men in last century’s Spain cooked for their wives after coming home from hunting/fishing…. how complicated could the dish be with that background? =)

      1. re: MariQ

        I have no idea why restaurants wouldn't offer it in the winter... but from my experience some of them don't (and replace them with more traditionally "filling" meals (not that rice, peppers, chicken and shellfish won't keep meat on your bones...) Just an observation

        1. re: CulinaryKate

          thanks - i guess clients don't ask for it much in winter, perhaps? restautant mistery...

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