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Mar 9, 2006 11:56 AM

Apple Valley, MN - seek recs

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I want to get a gift certificate for a restaurant in the Apple Valley area. Are there any places you recommend? I've looked on and don't come up with any non-chain places. Much thanks!

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  1. What about Jensen's Supper Club in Eagan? It isn't far from there, and is a classic "Supper Club."


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    1. re: Danny

      A little late, but I heartily recommend Jensen's for a bit of a splurging, special-night-out kind of thing...

    2. As a resident of that area, I would most appreciate gift certificates to the new Copper Bleu in Lakeville (very close to downtown Apple Valley) or Jensen's in nearby Eagan, as mentioned in the other post.

      If these are serious food-lovers who also cook, you may also want to consider a gift certificate to the new Penzey's store in Apple Valley (in the same strip mall as Kowalski's).

      Avoid sending them to Enjoy! restaurant in Apple Valley.

      1. no question: satay2go! Multi-Asian food, best noodles around.


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        1. re: Alice

          I guess that would depend -- are the recipients more about the food or an overall dining "night out" experience? Satay 2 Go is very good food but it's not a sit down place with any kind of atmosphere and table service. They will be eating out of styrofoam and drinking out of cans at Satay 2 Go.

          1. re: MSPD

            yes, you're right, I jumped in too fast with my Satay2Go obsession. It is good for to go, not so much for to stay.

        2. I am with Alice. The best food in Apple Valley is Satay 2 Go. It is truly a hidden gem, and it really defines what this chowhound site is about for me.

          However, as a gift certificate for a restaurant in the area, you might want to consider Osteria i Nonni. It is located in Lilydale, just a quikc shot up 35E from Apple Valley. I think it is the best restaurant in the SE suburbs. They serve excellent authentic Italian food.