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Mar 8, 2006 01:21 PM

Kansas City

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I have friends heading down for a weekend. They asked me for recs on food and entertainment.
I gave them LC's and Jack Stacks for Q.and Strouds.
Couple questions, Did the original Strouds close, and did they reopen somewhere else, or should I point them to North KC?
They would also like a nice place with good food and jazz, that works on a students budget. They will have a car.
I also gave them the Negro League and Jazz museums. Crown center and the Plaza, but shopping's not their thing. Anything they shouldn't miss?

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    Hi Bob, the Sroud's at 85th and Holmes did indeed close, so send em north. Never been there but people swear by the Phoenix for jazz and eats. Or send em to BB's Lawnside BBQ next to the old Stroud's for beer, BBQ, and blues.

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      There is a jazz club connected to the Jazz musuem that opens at 5:00 p.m, I believe. There is a restaurant next door that sells upscale soul food. Is it called Peachtree or something close to that. There is also a New Orleans style restaurant on the same street a couple of doors down. The original Arthur Bryant's is around the corner on Brooklyn and there is a branch of Gate's BBQ up the street from Bryant's.

      Bigray in Ok

    2. Phoenix is OK to good (not great) for jazz. The setting is an intimate small room, and tourist-freindly. The food here is foodservice frozen garbage; don't even bother eating here.

      The Peachtree is very good soul food, but the service has a lot to be desired. Dinner would be long here, but it's next door to The Blue Room, a smoke-free jazz club in the Jazz Hall of Fame.

      The Majestic Steakhouse has jazz in the basement and very good steak, set in a historic building.

      1. If they like art, send them to the Nelson-Atkins Museum and Kemper Gallery of Contemporary Art. They are just a block or so apart and both have food.

        Rozelle Court is the spot in the Nelson -- an upscale cafeteria in a lovely setting. They used to have jazz events on Friday night but I'm not sure now with all the remodeling going on. One of the finest Chinese art collections in the country.

        At the Kemper, it's Cafe Sebastienne. Table service with an eclectic menu. Open for dinner.

        Free admission to both galleries.

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          Ooops! Didn't catch the date of your original post. Sorry for the late information. I've been out of town tending my fiesty 82-year-old mother who had quadruple bypass on Mar-10.

        2. Too late to help them this trip, but the Steamboat Arabia presentation is great -