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Mar 3, 2006 09:57 AM

Calling MSPD - Eastern European Grocery in Eagan

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A while back you mentioned something about an Eastern European Grocery in Eagan but I'll be damned if I can find the old post. Where is that place again?

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  1. Maybe you are referring to the one on Highway 13 in Burnsville? If this is the one, I can't recall the name, but it's right next door to the Humane Society.

    1. There are three. I think the one I posted about under the subject line "Kramarczuk's South?" was the Eastern European grocery at Highway 13 and Parkwood (in Burnsville). Next to the MN Valley Humane Society and Dairy Queen. I stopped in recently and it seems they have tightened up their supply a little bit. Still nice to have nearby though.

      There's also Minsk Market on the frontage road of Hwy 13 by Jensens Supper Club and Mediterranean Cruise Cafe and Moscow Market just east of the Cliff Road/Hwy 13 intersection.

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        In your post you mentioned a wide variety of sausages (which is what I am looking for) and the need to take an older relative to help with the interpretation. I've been to Kramarczuk's for sausage and I'm looking for another place to try.

        Basically, I'm trying to find a place similar to The Wurst Kitchen on Aurora, IL. I've been to Hagberg's in Lino Lakes, which is great, but I'm looking for something a litle closer to home. Perhaps I'll try Kiev Market on 7th St.