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Feb 23, 2006 03:43 PM

MPLS: Need a recommendation: Breakfast Downtown

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We're going to the Food and Wine show on Saturday, and got a hotel room at the Hyatt (for $60!) and we'll probably want a good breakfast in the morning, without a drive. What's the best place? We won't go to Key's (we dont like the one on Raymond, and unless this one is WAY different, we probably won't like it either).

Hell's Kitchen?

Give me your Recommendations!!!


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  1. Try Hell's Kitchen - - unique food with a twist.

    Don't let the website scare you, the place is very nice, despite the fact that the servers wear pj's...

    Food I've tried that is worth noting: Crab Cake with Poached Egg, Huevos Rancheros, Mahnomin Porridge (unique), Lemon-Ricotta Hotcakes, and the Ham & Pear Crisp Sandwich. And you have to try the carmel rolls (to die for) as well as the homemade peanut butter and ketchup! Everyone I know raves about everything they eat here!

    1. I have not been, but there has been some good buzz about Taxxi, which is, I think, in the Hyatt on 13th and Nicollet. If anyone else has direct experience, maybe they can back it up, but I remember reading on this board that they have a nice weekend breakfast/brunch.
      On the other hand, Hell's Kitchen has had some not so positive reports back on this board.

      1. I've seen some less than favorable posts regarding Hell's Kitchen, but we have never had less than a wonderful experience there. Food and service have been great numerous times. I would encourage anyone to dine there at least once.

        1. 1) I think that Zeno is closed. I thought I had read that all of the Zeno branches had gone out of business, but that the one at Hennepin and Lagoon was going to open under new management.

          2) I fall into the camp that says that Hell's Kitchen is great. I'm the first to admit that the wait can be a real pain, but I've never had anything but good service once I've been seated.

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          1. re: Bob S.

            You have to expect some suffering at a place called
            Hell's Kitchen, but it's worth it.

            1. re: Faith Lubitz

              Can you tell exactly what to order there. The one time I went I thought it was thoroughly mediocre. On top of that it felt like a theme restaurant like Raniforest Cafe or Hard Rock Cafe -- kind of gimmicky. I am willing to give it another shot based on the raves, but I need some direction here.

              1. re: Josh Resnik

                The homemade peanut butter & jelly (comes with toast, or you can order it with a bucket of baguette slices).

                Ricotta hotcakes and the waffles are both great.

                A small cup of the Mahnomin porridge is good to share -- it's very rich, but everyone in your party will enjoy a few spoonfuls of it.

                The homemade bison sausage is good and surprisingly hot.

                The ham & pear sandwich from the brunch menu. Also, the bison burger. I've heard good things about the Walleye BLT but have not tried it myself.

                The coffee is excellent, as is the Bloody Mary (though it is pricy).

                Actually, the only thing I've had there that didn't impress me was the bison benedict. Nice concept, but the meat just wasn't tender enough to make it work.

                1. re: Josh Resnik

                  I'd second most of what Jordan has to recommend. I'd also highly recommend the toasted sausage bread, which is made with their bison sausage, spices, currants, pecans & black coffee.

            2. Hell's Kitchen -- but call a few days before and make a reservation. On weekends, you need a reservation to avoid a long wait.