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Feb 9, 2006 08:35 PM

Bricks - Hudson, WI

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My co-workers have been raving about this place for the last few days. It's 2 doors down from Barkers. I looked at the menu and it looked like good competition with Punch.

I can't wait to try it. I'm interested in know if any Chowhounds have tried it and what they thought.

Beautiful menu. Pizza, that is.

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  1. Went there after the Hot Air Affair parade Friday night. The restaurant is small, well (minimalist) decorated, and therefore loud. We shared a couple of pizzas and had a couple of glasses of wine. Food was scrumptious and reasonable. Will definately go back.

    1. Had a lunch there over the weekend and it was excellent. I thought the pizza was every bit as good as Punch in St. Paul which made me not care about the sterile atmosphere.

      The "Mela" salad (mixed greens, sauteed apples, prosciutto, spiced pecans, white wine citrus vinaigrette) was pleasing and refreshing. The triangle of flat bread that came with it was even noteworthy -- smoky from the oven and lightly salted with sea salt.

      My wife had the "Capricciosa" pizza (Italian sausage, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, prosciutto, fresh basil).

      I had the "Quattro Formaggi" (garlic, fontina, goat cheese, smoked mozzarella, fresh basil). Both pizzas were delicious. I normally hesitate to order multiple cheese type pizzas as you generally get a homogenized mess of cheesy goo. I prefer a pizza whose ingredients fight one another for my attention -- that's how this was.

      The decor could use a little warming or color. It reminded me of when Punch first opened before they painted those colorful murals and spiced up the lighting. Very un-Chowhoundish criticism, but some people might care to know.

      Service was friendly and good coffee served in a French press.

      It's much closer for me to go to Punch, but if I lived out that way, Brick's would make me forget any inkling that I might get to drive in to St. Paul for neapolitan pizza.

      Brick's Neapolitan Pizza
      407 Second St.
      Hudson, WI


      1. People are comparing this restaurant to Punch...It is not nearly, not even close to Punch Pizza. I say they are trying, but Punch blows Bricks out of the water. The restaurant is good...but I would rather go to Barkers next door or make my way to Punch.

        1. Cibo Degli Angeli! And yes, I love pizza. Bricks is just a short drive for me from Troy. I've been there several times particularly because I love the darn place. Pizzas are served HOT, cheese is out of this world and my wife loves the salads and tiramisu.

          What some readers may not understand is this is nothing like Pizza Hut. Pizza was born in Naples and this is what you get. In Naples, Italy from one pizzeria to the next, each one is artistic in its own right. To compare a pizzaiolo's pizza art to another is crazy. Authentic Neapolitan pizza is nothing new, this concept is used all over New York.

          Expect to eat your pizza with a fork and knife (at least)- the Neapolitan people eat pizza like a taco, and believe me, the serving is generous, but we don't share. While I get pizza, my wife sometimes skips for a dinner salad, again, large portions for the dollar. I would recommend this cozy little restaurant for a date night or an early family meal 'cause weekends are very busy. Ciao!

          1. The pizza and salads are excellent but what makes Bricks special is that all profits from the restaurant are donated to a children's charity. Pretty cool, great food and great philanthropy - hard to beat that.
            Gourmet magazine mentioned Bricks in one of their fall issues as a "restaurant worth spending your money at".