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Feb 6, 2006 03:29 PM

Best Italian Sub On Detroit's Eastside?

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Packing a lunch for at-work dinner these days, and am tired of homemade bologna sandwiches and canned soup. So...any recs available for "chowish" Italian Sub Sandwiches on Detroit's eastside?

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  1. Ventimiglia's on Dodge Park btn 15 mile & Metro Pkwy is the best. Giglio's on Harper is good, or at least used to be. Please let me know what you think.

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    1. re: schaf

      Thanks for the Vent rec, schaf. I haven't had one of their's in at least 10 years. It's only a "bit" out of the way on my drive into work, so I'll stop by very soon and report back. And I didn't know Giglio's made a take out sub, so you gave me a double hit.

      1. re: Griller


        You seem to be an experienced 'hound. Where are your favorites (any cuisine) in Macomb county?

        Glad to help,


        1. re: schaf

          We absolutely love Sajos, on southbound Gratiot, north of 13 Mile for the restaurant's St Louis-style ribs. Friday and Saturday nights are packed with regulars. Exaustive menu too, if you're not a carnivour, or opt for well-prepared middle eastern cuisine.

          Villa Restaurant, in Eastpointe, again on southbound Gratiot; north of Eight Mile Road if you LOVE home-cooked Italian. Last recent visit there, I had a divine--and I'm not jokin' here, a truly divine Linguine in Clam Sauce dinner. Blue collar all the way, but truly wholesome choices. And pours from the bar are generous.

          Mr. Paul's Steak House on Groesbeck in Roseville. Simply the county's best steak and chops. Heavy tariff, but for a memorable one-on-one dinner experience, this place does not disappoint.

          Andiamo, Lakefront--Nautical Mile(between Nine Mile & 10 Mile on Jeff)the best Gin Martini I have ever had, anywhere on two continents. Period. Very Loud. Very Busy. Very Efficient. Italian with a tad bit too much glitz. If you can stand the cigarette smoke, schaf, this place is a delight.

          We're not schooled on dining choices in North Macomb County; but love the chowish choices on the south-side.

          BTW...I'm stopping at Giglio's for their Sub Monday. Will report back as soon as its consumed. Vent's will have to wait for later in the week.

          1. re: Griller

            griller - i grew up in fraser and have been to all of your favs except sajo's. need to try it.

            i forgot all about villa. have to get back there, too.

            some of my favs:

            cloverleaf in eastpointe for square pizza

            el charro in fraser for soft shell tacos

            penna's (formerly of warren, now on hayes near lakeside mall) for italian

            terry's terrace in harrison twsp (?) for perch dinner

            gilbert's lounge in st. clair shores for burgers (trivia -eminem once was a dishwasher there)

            lazybones in roseville for carryout bbq (shoulder and ribs)

      2. re: schaf

        Was up Harper this afternoon, schaf, so stopped into Giglio's and picked up some subs for me and the kids. My first thought was, "boy, that's a small sub." But after chowing down,I was very pleased. Very nicely balanced, fresh taste, with hot and sweet flavors mixing it up. Thanks again, for the tip.

        1. re: schaf

          Warning on Ventimiglia's on Dodge Park they do make an awesome sub but about two years ago I found a used bandaid mixed in with the toppings. It was nasty when I took it back in they didn't even blink just offered me another sandwich like it was business as usual. Thought I would share that.