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Feb 6, 2006 02:20 PM

Best Japanese food/show in Minneapolis for this week?

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I am looking for a place for a birthday dinner in 3 days. We want Japanese food in Minneapolis, the kind of meal where you sit at the grill and the chef makes the food with a show to go along with it. I am down to Kikugawa, FujiYa, Origami, or Ichiban. Any advice appreciated!

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  1. I believe that the style of Japanese style food that you are looking for is usually called "teppan-yaki" or "teppanyaki." I am almost 100% certain that neither Fuji Ya or Origami serve in this style. (I've never seen it -- or even the facilities for it -- in my many visits to these two restaurants.) I'm less sure of Kikugawa as I've only gone there a few times, but I don't think they serve in this style either.

    By doing a quick Google of "teppan-yaki and Minneapolis" I see that Ichiban does serve it. There is also a place called Kabuki Sushi in Eden Prairie and Saji-Ya in St. Paul.

    The link below is to the Google search. You'll also find a coupon to Ichiban part of the way down in the search (

    If you are looking at other types of Japanese cuisine in downtown Minneapolis, I'd recommend either Origami or Nami.



    1. Neither Origami, Kikugawa or Fuji-ya does teppanyaki. Kikugawa has shabu shabu (think fondue) and a couple other table cooked items. The places I'm aware of in MSP that have teppanyaki are Ichiban, Saji-Ya on Grand Ave in St. Paul and Benihana in Golden Valley. I have no experience with teppanyaki at Saji-ya, but Ichiban is better than Benihana, although more expensive. I can't think of anywhere else in Minneapolis proper that has teppanyaki.

      1. As others have said, you won't find that at FujiYa or Oragami (although both are great.)

        The biggest difference between Ichiban and Bennihana is that Ichiban will light stuff on fire (or at least they used to), and it costs more.

        The atmosphere at Ichiban might be a little better too, as it is downtown, and you can stroll along Nicollet Mall to walk off all the pounds you gained. At Bennihaha, you can walk the lot of the car dealer across the street, and that's about it.

        1. I've tried both Ichiban and Benihana and much preferred Ichiban. Ichiban had a better show and the chef seemed better trained.