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Feb 2, 2006 04:15 PM

Croatian food in Twin Cities?

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I'm looking for Croatian/Serb/E. Euro food in MSP-any advice? Thanks!

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  1. Me too! I asked about this a few months ago, and got some helpful replies (see the link below). But there's not a lot of choices. Me, I'm planning a road trip to Milwaukee soon.

    Oh, there's always Kramarczuk's for Ukrainian/Polish food.



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      I grew up in Milwaukee and still dream about a porkchop I had at a Serbian restaurant on the southside... of course, I was only 10 so I don't remember the name of the restaurant... but my mom would!

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        Agreed about the 3 Bros, but it's not a dive. Not like it's upscale, but Bronko would be devastated that you referred to his place like that! ;^)
        It's a former beer hall for Blatz, if memory serves. Hard to find, on South St. Clair, but harder to forget. The cheese and spinach b├╝rek is the BEST. Unfortunately, they no longer import BiP beer, but their wine list is good. You definitely need reservations on most evenings. I took a horde of Swedish culture vultures there and they had a blast!

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        My mom (a long time Milwaukeean and honorary chowhound) recommends: Old Town...but for a more authentic feel, they should go to Three
        Brothers. A real dive, but great food.

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        There is a Croatian National Home in South St. Paul. We've driven by with the intention of dropping in to see if they served any food. It was always closed. I've always intended to try to call them to see if we could visit.

        There is also a Croatian consulate in White Bear Lake who might have such information. I've always intended to call them also.

        They sell Serbian sarma in Hibbing at the Cobb Cook grocery store.

        They sell some Croatian potted meats and canned goulash at Jerulalem on Central Avenue. I've seen some Croatian sweets at some of the Russian grocery stores in town.

        The Russian and Middle Eastern grocery stores both have a variety of Eastern European goods.

        There's a Polish grocery store in NE Minneapolis.

        Central/Eastern food fascinates me also, so I'm always looking for it.

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          The Cro in South St. Paul is a Croatian in name only. Its really more of a town bar and social hall. The hall is mostly for Lion's Club meetings, SSP Class reunions and youth sports fundraisers. They do have a kitchen but it is used mostly for those types of events (spaghetti dinners, taco feeds...) They don't serve anything close to Croation Food.

          It is a great place to go if you want to talk hockey.

          1. re: Sven

            The Cro does have some celebrations during the year and they do sell some pretty good sarma. I bought a half dozen one year. I was able to freeze them and simply reheat them for a couple of other meals.

            I think the new Sunrise Market on Pierce Butler Road is now selling frozen sarma.

        2. It sounds like the best bet is to go to the Festival Of Nations (first weekend in May every year), find someone in a Croatian, Serbian, or Eastern European costume, and ask them if they know of any church festivals with good food. I'm pretty sure that some of the Ukrainian churches in NE Mpls have good feeds.

          I haven't been to the Festival of Nations for years because of scheduling conflicts (too much to do!). But it used to be THE place for the area's ethnic community groups - cooking, performing, or demonstrating crafts. Based on this year's performance schedule, it looks like it still is.

          And if the Turkish food booth still has Piyaz - white bean salad - I highly recommend it!


          Link: http://festivalofnations.nonprofitoff...